Blockchain solutions specialist joins BiTA


LiteLink Technologies, a provider of enterprise blockchain solutions, has become the last company to join Blockchain in the Transport Alliance (Bita).

BiTA, which includes UPS, FedEx and Salesforce giants in its ranks, has been established to set standards and educate companies in the logistics and supply chain sectors, including shippers and transport companies.

According to a statement, joining BiTA will enable LiteLink to join a unified office that is promoting and educating the entire industry on blockchain technology and its applications.

BiTA believes that the implementation of blockchain will allow transport and logistics specialists to operate in a more transparent and transparent manner.

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Beyond that, the use of blockchain can also help create new revenue streams and customer value by providing a system for transaction completion, shipment tracking and fleet management.

LiteLink is currently developing 1Shift Logistics, an end-to-end management platform that targets the fragmented logistics market.

This service, according to LiteLink, is a combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence that "removes the controversy, adds security and analysis in real time to bring costs into efficiency at the table".

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Asksk Karim, CEO of LiteLink, commented: "We are honored to work in tandem with so many members who are looking to improve the logistics behind the freight transport industry and beyond.

"Our blockchain work experience has allowed us to identify niche opportunities we are developing in anticipation of rapid industry progression over the coming months."

Chris Burruss, President of BiTA, said: "Blockchain has the potential to transform the supply chain by improving transparency and innovation.

"Therefore, on behalf of the BiTA membership, I want to welcome LiteLink Technologies Inc. to the Alliance, and its experience in blockchain applications will help BiTA develop and implement blockchain standards."

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