Blockchain: Sasken becomes a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


BENGALURU: The engineering services company Sasken Technologies has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the largest open source blockchain initiative in the world. The company worked at Ethereum to develop solutions and accelerators for different use cases in the sector, such as the revenue sharing solution for the multimodal public transport system, the safety of the IoT edge network and the register of resources for industrial equipment.

"We are already taking advantage of the blockchain for the development of solutions to accelerate transactions, improve working capital, improve efficiency, reduce disputes and build confidence in the ecosystems of the sector", said Raman Sapra, Executive Vice President and General Sasken's Digital Manager.

"We are thrilled to join the EEA as it provides us with a way for networking with alliance members, contributing to working groups and accelerating the development of enterprise-grade solutions based on Ethereum for the Transportation segments, Industrial and Manufacturing ".

The EEA is an organization of global standards that provides open standards and standards and an architecture to accelerate the adoption of the Enterprise Ethereum. With more than 500 member companies, EEA's alliance goal is built to customize ethereum for a variety of industry players. The member-oriented industry working groups are tasked with creating and delivering specific advances for the development and use of technologies based on Ethereum.

The potential of the blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, has been a highly publicized topic

discussion in the last year with believers and non-believers who passionately defend two worldviews: the promise of blockchain to disrupt every vertical business and the other to be the equivalent of digital snake oil.

While corporate blockchain space has been slow to experiment with distributed ledger technology frameworks, organizations such as Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger have been active in promoting the mass adoption of blockchain among large organizations.

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