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The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) and Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) today announced a new partnership to improve coordination, cooperation and governance within their respective memberships.

The new partnership will support both the BRI members and the BiTA members in their efforts to build and support a collaborative network of blockchain technology leaders, particularly in supply chain management.

"One of the most crucial messages we provide to our members is the need to collaborate and collaborate with other industry partners," said Don Tapscott, co-founder and executive chairman of the BIS. "BiTA is an example of this kind of collaborative effort that helps accelerate the implementation of blockchain technology."

The BRI research agenda, to which members have owner access, includes more than a dozen reports on the impact of the blockchain on transport, logistics and supply chain management and their impact on a variety of different sectors. As a result of the partnership, BiTA will be able to take advantage of the approximately $ 5 million BIS in research to improve its efforts to build standards for industrial cooperation in transport and logistics.

Chris Burruss, president of the BiTA, said: "I strongly believe that the BRI-BiTA partnership will benefit the members of BiTA Alliance was founded by experts in technology and transport / logistics to build common standards and promote education on the blockchain. The search for BRI blockchain will be invaluable to our members and will have opportunities for other services from the Institute. "

About BiTA:

Established in August 2017, BiTA has rapidly become the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with over 450 members collectively generating over $ 1 trillion in revenue each year. The members of the BiTA come mainly from the freight transport, logistics industries. and transport and the Alliance members share a common mission to develop a regulatory framework, educate the market on blockchain applications and encourage the use of such applications.

BiTA is studying use cases and is developing a common framework that industry can use to create blockchain applications. Through think-tank events, networking, meetings, webinars and online collaboration, members work with colleagues on common issues and share best practices. The Alliance has offices in Chattanooga, TN and Singapore. For more information, visit the BiTA website at

Information on the BIS:

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is a global think tank that helps organizations to realize the new promise of the digital economy, researching the strategic implications of blockchain technology and producing practical insights to guide its members to achieve success. The BIS was founded in 2017 by Don and Alex Tapscott, the co-authors of the best-selling book Blockchain Revolution: how the technology behind Bitcoin is changing money, business and the world .

The global team of experts at the Institute has more than 70 research projects in the areas of financial services, manufacturing, retail, energy and resources, technology / media, health and government; just as this nascent technology is changing the way companies are managed. To complete the research, the Institute offers a suite of services to its members, including a private website for deliverable sharing, monthly webinars, summits of all members and other exclusive activities. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Institute's research will ultimately be released under a Creative Commons license.

For more information, please visit:

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