Blockchain Project Luxcore (LUX) names Crypto Pundit John CEO of McAfee


Luxcore (LUX), an ecosystem of blockchain solutions and services, announced John McAfee as CEO of cryptocurrency.

The blockchain company, which focuses on designing and building security and privacy products, states the decision to make John the CEO of the company is among its reorganization strategies that are specifically designed to determine a significant increase in the Lux Coin cryptocurrency.

The platform said in a message to the blockchain community:

"We are pleased to announce @officialmcafee as the new CEO of Luxcore! John's appointment is part of a massive reorganization of staff designed to generate a significant and rapid growth of the business for $ LUX and the dawn of a #NewEra "

Meanwhile, McAfee, which has campaigned for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, said in the last appointment:

"I accepted the position of CEO of LUXCORE, they have worked hard behind the scenes and will soon announce the availability of the Blockchain features that we have all been waiting for and will continue to lead the McAfee team on its adventurous journey. "

Luxcore will become a topnotch product once John McAfee begins his job as CEO of the platform.

The blockchain firm claims to survive on the ground breaking the PHI2-powered blockchain algorithm to develop and implement its core product offering, which is the open source blockchain value token, Lux Coin and focused consumer-focused products like LuxGate and Parallel Masternodes.

The main objective of Luxcore is to bring the use of blockchain into the mainstream by linking the gap between ordinary consumers and business users through specific product use cases that are purely designed for each.

John Mcafee on Crypto Price Prediction

Without a doubt John McAfee is a respected price estimator in the cryptographic sphere. Confirming that its forecasts have remained despite the recent market downturn, the famous crypto-lover who claimed that the BitFi portfolio is unreliable said recently: "My forecasts are bullshit only if they fail in 18 months – l & # 39; long-term minimum investment Everything I recommend I buy It made me one of the wealthiest men on earth, ie my $ 400,000 ride My yacht, the largest of the island, is a real success. I invest in all my predictions. "

McAfee has long been a preacher for cryptocurrency. He is respected for his position against the decision of some countries to restrict cryptocurrency.

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