Blockchain pioneers launch the "Bitsclub vision program" to create a perfect connection between the classical industry and blockchain


BEIJING ago. 5, 2018 / PRNewswire / – On 5 August 2018 Hitters XU, founder of Bitsclub and Nebulas announced the launch of the "Bitsclub Vision Program" (BVP) together with SB China Venture Capital Partners ( SBCVC) Dr. Ye ZHOU, Danhua Capital (DHVC) Vice President Dr. Yang YAN, founder of Oneboat Capital Chang LI and founder of Odaily Mandy Wang in Shanghai . BVP aims to create a perfect connection between the classical industry and blockchain. This will introduce new quality users in the blockchain industry, thus creating a healthy industry ecosystem.

In the last two years, the rapid growth of the blockchain industry has received special attention from the classic industries hoping to update their technology, transform business models, reward current users and revitalize the existing traffic with the support of blockchain technology. However, the information asymmetry in the Blockchain industry poses a challenge and, in turn, leads to high costs for qualified projects to make the transformation, technical difficulties, the low rate of successful transformation and more . To solve these problems, Bitsclub, the first angel club focused on cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain in China together with senior experts in blockchain, investment institutions and industrial media, launched the Bitsclub Vision program [19659002] BVP will support qualified projects in business consulting, technical guidance, financial planning and media channels. BVP will rely on Atlas Protocol, a standard protocol for defining marketing interactions among onchain audiences. This will provide the most effective analysis of onchain data and interactions. Atlas Protocol will help to solve the problem of information asymmetry that will facilitate the transformation of the classical industries, will determine the change of paradigm and in return will generate a new value for the industry.

The founders of BVP consist of world-renowned entrepreneurs and leading organizations in the blockchain industry that covers the entire industrial chain.

Hitters XU, founder of Bitsclub, NEO and Nebulas, is a pioneer of the Chinese Chinese industry blockchain since its first phase. Dr. Ye ZHOU, a partner of SBCVC, conducts investments in the TMT sector, covering the Internet, business services, Fintech and Blockchain, etc. DHVC, founded by the famous scientist Shoucheng ZHANG, aims to act as a high-speed bridge to connect China with the world on entrepreneurship and innovation. Current DHVC assets exceed $ 500 million with a focus on areas of AI, AR / VR, Big Data, Blockchain, Corporate Software and other disruptive technologies. Oneboat Capital, the leading cryptocurrency investment institute that focuses on investments in the initial phase of the blockchain, with AUM phase of 200.00 ETH, has incubated and invested in over 50 blockchain projects. Odaily, a multimedia platform focused on 36Kr incubated blockchain, whose operations include news coverage, data provision, technology interpretation and in-depth analysis. Their vision is to create a complete and technology-focused service provider for blockchain companies around the world, in addition to the resources offered by 36Kr.

In addition, the guests present at the press release also included the co-founder of the Atlas Protocol (ATP), Duran LIU; the founder of the renowned game engine blockchain Egretia, Peter HUANG; the partner of Contentos, a decentralized global content ecosystem, Wenwei WU; as well as other illustrious guests.

DHVC Founding President Professor Shoucheng ZHANG indicated that BVP will focus on high-quality projects with stable users and mature business models to promote the development of blockchain technology, explore multiple areas of application and break through the barrier between classic industries and the blockchain industry to promote healthy and sustainable growth of the blockchain.

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