Blockchain is coming to health care, and here are some of the jobs that might emerge


Open blockchain jobs are on the rise. In fact, according to a Glassdoor report, the number of unique jobs related to the blockchain has increased from 446 to August 2017 to 1,775 for the same month of this year. It's a staggering 300 percent.

Not bad for a new technology. And blockchain in health care? It could only be at the horizon.


When the blockchain becomes widespread in the health sector, it will probably carry well-paid jobs, as blockchain jobs tend to pay well above the median wage of the United States. The median in blockchain is now at $ 84.884, according to Glassdoor, and can even reach $ 233.667.

A little more than half of these jobs will be in technical and engineering roles. Below are some that are related to the role of health finance.


Product manager (76 jobs, 4 percent of the total)

Risk analyst (45 jobs, 3 percent of the total)

Marketing manager (30 jobs, 2 percent of the total)

Community manager (26 job offers, 1 percent of the total)

Product designer (23 jobs, 1 percent of the total)

Responsible for the strategy (14 jobs, 1 percent of the total)


Blockchain has great potential to overcome the problems of trust and stretch the wrinkles of technology when it comes to sharing clinical and financial data in the health sector. And evidence is emerging that the practical uses of blockchain are closer than previously thought.

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