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DUBLIN – (FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS)–The "Blockchain
in Healthcare Decentralized Computing Changing the Industry "

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Blockchain is one of those words that can hardly be lost in the media
these days. Yes, he was pushed to the public's imagination with the
the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but technology can have
many other uses cases in addition to moving money from one side of the planet to
l & # 39; other.

Indeed, it is now in the mind of many technology giants and even governments
that can clearly see the power of the blockchain to transform the way companies do
work by decentralizing business models, creating more efficiency
processes and provides a safer and more reliable way to exchange data.

The health industry is one of the areas in which it can blockchain
really try it. First of all, it can reduce responsibility and
accuracy problems related to the exchange of medical data, while
provide cryptographic security to protect the patient's identity "outside"
box. "In the end, each patient will have his" data portfolio "to be archived
and manage your medical record and provide third parties
access to such data when necessary.

In addition to health documentation, the technology could also be used to automate
many administrative tasks in the health sector, thus eliminating human errors
areas such as processing payments and awarding requests, which in turn
it could improve accuracy and reduce costs.

Another case of use for blockchain is in supply chain management, where
a decentralized network could help medical and pharmaceutical provider
companies are better following the way their products are moving from production
facilities around the world at a local pharmacy and at the patient.

And this is just a beginning In this short research, we'll take a look at
some of the cases of use for blockchain in health space. As the
the possibilities and the interest in technology grow, more companies
will jump on the bandwagon, creating some even better solutions
that we may not be able to imagine today. And that, we think, is what
the idea of ​​progress is everything.

Main topics covered

1. Information on this brief research

2. Introduction

3. Blockchain basics

  • What is Blockchain?

  • How does Blockchain work?

  • Public and private blockchains

  • Side chains, chains for children, data on chain and out of chain

  • Business use cases for Blockchain

  • Glossary blockchain

4. Challenges

5. Blockchain and health care

  • Supply chain

  • Health documents and interoperability

  • Pairing with the patient

  • Patient involvement

  • Coordination of care

  • genomics

  • Processing of insurance claims

  • Clinical tests

  • Fight the opiate epidemic

  • Safety

  • And more

6. Projects and initiatives

  • IBM works with the FDA, CDC to study the use of Blockchain a
    Improve public health

  • Health care giants test a Blockchain-based system to combat assistance
    Problems with provider data

  • Mount Sinai has a center for biomedical blockchain research

  • Nokia Testing Blockchain for sharing personal health data via Wearable
    Smart watch

  • BlackBerry Working with ONEBIO to create a blockchain-based ecosystem
    for the doctor

7. Data

8. Conclusion

9. Featured companies

  • AHA Health

  • AIDOC Other (Wellness)

  • BreastWeCan!

  • Bridgelink Capital

  • BurstIQ

  • CVP

  • Capital

  • Capital

  • CareChain

  • CoverUS

  • CryptoCurve

  • Curisium


  • DNAtix

  • Group of digital currencies

  • Discovery Capital

  • Embleema

  • hearthy

  • Hoperidge

  • Iryo Electronic

  • Khosla Ventures

  • Medicalchain

  • MintHealth

  • Mitsui

  • Modum

  • Mosio

  • Proof of work

  • Quake Capital Partners

  • Seedcamp

  • Shivom Genomics

  • SimplyVital Health

  • Skychain

  • Involvement of the UHX patient

  • VitalHub

  • Zenome Genomics

  • and many others…

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