Blockchain iGaming Platform has launched Mainnet by transforming the odds in favor of the player


The Blockchain-based company becomes active with its first use case for decentralized online betting, turning probabilities into the player's favor.

The demand for eSports and fantasy iGaming is on the rise, although with traditional bets "the house always wins". The new company based on Blockchain, , became the decentralized use case of HERO for its owner HEROcoin (PLAY cryptocurrency), a token that tries to turn the odds into the player's favor. Selected beta testers can sign up to purchase smart contracts and secure betting opportunities on selected tournaments and online game contests.

A new era of transparency in the world of iGaming with Blockchain

With over 300 testers from all over the world who have tried in a closed environment for a limited period, HEROcoin has opened its doors to the first Blockchain-based platform for eSports and fantasy bets.

The closed beta version of the Blockchain platform has undergone three major phases so far. According to HERO, each feature was developed and modeled by the chosen testers, who provided continuous feedback to perfect the platform. On 23 October, it passed from the Ropsten test network to Mainnet for the first time in this closed environment. After successfully integrating on, beta testers were asked to earn HEROcoins by reporting bugs and polling.

The launch of the mainnet has been achieved

The first contest of use cases in real life for began on October 20th, when the platform launched its Mainnet based on HEROcoin (PLAY). The contest ended on October 27th, when 300 beta users had the chance to test the platform. According to HERO, it was the last step the company took before the official turnaround of its fully decentralized iGaming platform worldwide.

One of the most interesting parts for players is that each HEROcoin token (PLAY), who chooses to bet or never use tokens, gets a reward for being part of the project. The 1% token offer from each dish, also known as a general reward plate, is reserved for all users of the ecosystem. The prize is assigned to the wallet of each user who already has PLAY tokens.

League of Legends World Championships lives on with a $ 5000 prize pool in PLAY

Over the course of three months, had over 300 closed beta testers. The first competition to go public for the public on the Mainnet will be the League of Legends World Championships. Users can register and use their HEROcoins (PLAY tokens) to bid on their favorite eSports games. The winner of the contest will win the $ 5000 prize pool in PLAY chips. According to, the iGaming platform is ready to open its doors to the world in an open beta version made available to everyone. Other games available are DOTA2, Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

HEROcoin (PLAY token) is the proprietary cryptocurrency available on Its purpose is to act as a peer-to-peer (P2P) that online gambling users can take advantage of their favorite online games. HERO has devised its own unique way of managing the portfolio on the platform to make sure that each user provides a valid Ethereum address to be able to make transfers in both ETH and PLAY tokens. According to HERO, the infrastructure needed to create a platform-based portfolio has been successfully achieved.

The concept of HEROcoin arose from the need to change the online betting and fantasy eSport sector; an imperfect industry in which most of the pot goes to the bookmakers. Worldwide, the eSports market generated global revenues of $ 492.7 million in 2017. With, HERO aims to decentralize it by allowing players and betters to get a fair share of the main prize. So far, there have been over 270,000 registered users on the platform and over 1,000 users streaming every day. HERO's mission is to establish a new level of trust, security and transparency that is still unknown in the online betting world.

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