Blockchain games industry. TRON claims the throne?


The gaming industry is on the verge of significant changes related to the implementation of blockchain technologies. In 2013 Hunter Coin appeared as the prototype of blockchain games. Since then, the sphere of gaming blockchain has developed rapidly and blockchain platforms have strived to conquer the industry by understanding its future prospects.

Why are blockchain games the future of the gaming industry?

On the one hand contemporary games are completely elaborate and "equipped" with ultra-advanced graphics and extended functionality. On the other hand, blockchain games provide the quality people have been angry since ancient times. It concerns the uniqueness, the individuality. By playing traditional games, users have a certain package of functions so the principle of uniqueness is excluded while blockchain offers a completely different approach. In 2017 the Canadian company AxiomZen released the first fully functional blockchain game Crypto Kitties. The game has become extremely popular all over the world in a short period of time.

Playing Crypto Kitties you can buy, sell, trade or even breed kittens. The implementation of Blockchain technology has made those kittens as unique as in real life. Each kitten has a unique set of features and even a pedigree. The game was launched on the Ethereum blockchain and opened the new era in the gaming industry.

Thus, blockchain games offer unique and individual characteristics, making the creation of one and only virtual world no longer a fantasy. The giants of the blockchain market understand the prospects of the sector trying to take a leading role in this area.

Who are the main competitors in the gaming blockchain sector?

Many companies are launching blockchain gaming platforms, observing the current growth and future prospects of the sector. But nowadays Ethereum and TRON are considered the main competitors for the throne of the blockchain games industry.

Ethereum is the most respected blockchain platform thanks to its status and reputation. The first Crypto Kitties blockchain game was launched on the Ethereum platform, but has two essential elements

disadvantages. The main gaming industry is not among the project's priorities, despite the fact that more than 80 games have already been launched on Ethereum. On the other hand, the transaction rate of Ethereum is lower than that of the competition.

The main advantage is that larger blockchain gaming platforms such as WAX or Play Bets use the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, TRX tokens were also launched using the ERC-20 standard.

Meanwhile, TRON has taken a sharp path to the blockchain gaming industry that offers better conditions than Ethereum.

Because TRON is destined to conquer the blockchain games industry

According to BlackBall experts, in the near future TRON should become the dominant platform in the blockchain gaming industry. The reasons are as follows: industry is considered a priority. In the project's white paper, the entertainment industry was listed as the main one.

TRON is providing migration from the ERC-20 standard to its standard TRON-20 becoming independent of the Ethereum network.

TRON offers a high transaction rate (up to 2,000 transactions per second compared to 15-25 transactions per second in Ethereum).

The company has announced the creation of funds for developers of blockchain games that plan to invest $ 100 million over the next three years.

TRON-20 uses Solidity, the same software language used by ERC-20, so TRON is able to empty the blockchain games market participants who now use Ethereum

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