Blockchain betting app derides competitor to be hacked. Become hacked four days later


hackers online under the pseudonym "aabbccddeefg" exploited a vulnerability to steal over 24,400 EOS coins ($ 125,000) from a blockchain-based betting app.

positions last night and the targeted app is called EOSBet Dice, managed by a company called EOSBet Cassino. The app allows users to wager EOS cryptocurrency as part of a classic dice game .

The game has been running online for several months, but yesterday a Reddit user noticed that an EOS user named aabbccddeefg had siphoned a large stack of funds from the shared money pool of EOSBet Dice.

Redditor claims to have identified a vulnerability in the source code of the dice game – which, in turn, was based on an open source EOS betting game called Fair Dice. [19659003] The hacker operated by sending a transaction to the main account of the EOSBet game, which exploited a lack of appropriate parameter controls that allowed the hackers to trick the game into postponing fake earnings.

In addition: Bitcoin Gold has been removed from the main exchange of cryptocurrencies after refusing to pay damages to hackers

"Yes, we have been violated", admitted EOSBet Cassino through his official Reddit account. "More details to come."

Another Redditor who kept an eye on the hacker's account noted that the hacker was not particularly interested in recycling his game. money and losing its traces.

"So this guy hacked EOSBET and what does he do? He plays space invaders, I'm not kidding …", said the user.

And putting the icing on top of this incident a few days earlier, EOSBet had mocked a competitor on Twitter for being hacked.

"DEOS games, a clone and competitor of our dice game, suffered a serious attack today that has dried up their bankroll," EOSBet tweeted . "Starting now every single game of dice and site clone has been hacked, we have the biggest bankroll, the best developers and a superior UI.

Well, here's that!

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