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Blockchain Banking gets green signals only from 3% of American Internet users

FOTON (banking product blockchain funded by ICO) conducted a survey at the beginning of this month. According to reports, the survey revealed that out of 5000 US Internet users who participated in the survey, only 3% of these are open for Blockchain Banking. The wise percent – 34 percent said they would be ready to use Blockchain-based banking when they feel ready to use it – 63 percent, ie around 3,000 people who were survey participants clearly denied the use of Blockchain banking technology.

Blockchain Technology was a word of order in 2017 and years before, but because of the bear market mentality, the Blockchain-based banking sector is facing challenges.

On the other hand, another report was released in July by IHS Market (a data analysis company dealing with finance and technology). The report predicted that the Blockchain technology could increase the company's value of $ 2 trillion by 2030.

Looking at the mode of Christmas, holiday and entertainment in the public, the Bank of England (BoE) published a poll on Twitter at the start of this week. The BoE has asked a question to know the minds of its readers. The question was: "If you receive money as a gift this Christmas, what is your favorite way to get it?"

The question was more like a multiple-choice question with "Cash", "Bank Transfer", "Gift Voucher" and "Digital Currency" as options for answers. As a result, 21 percent of Twitter participants opted for the "Cash" option, 7 percent for "Wire Transfer", only 2 percent voted for "Gift Certificate" and a strong 70 percent opted for the "Digital Currency" option for CCN reports.

The BoE has also allowed traditional traditional systems and systems based on "distributed ledgers" to interface with the bank's network. Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, said: "RTGS is rebuilt so that new private payment systems, including those using a distributed ledger, can simply connect to our system. solid infrastructure will be future proof for your imagination, opening up a range of potential innovations in the wholesale markets and in banking and retail services. "

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