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Blockchain-Automobile Collaboration sends huge waves of clean energy through the green automotive industry in a joint-venture agreement between Sino United and InnoTAD Group

NEW YORK, 28 November 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTC: SUIC) has signed a joint venture agreement with InnoTAD® Group Singapore to bring the world's most environmentally friendly cars through the its green automotive products including InnoTAD® Emission Reducer, iER a patent pending device; and adopt Blockchain technology in the automotive industry.

The InnoTAD® iER Innovation product series will address the emissions of vehicles that cause climate change with harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx), which can cause respiratory problems and premature death among the population. InnoTAD® Emission Reducer, the iER Innovation product series is the first of its kind and is a patent-pending device; iER is able to solve all these problems and can achieve a reduction of up to 99% of vehicle emissions pollutants.

iER has been rigorously tested since 2015 to achieve greater safety, performance and durability. It has various TUV certifications on used test vehicles that have achieved fuel savings of 39.9%, a reduction in the NOx of the diesel at 97%, a significant increase in power and torque and a reduction in engine noise. InnoTAD has assured exclusive and non-exclusive distributors in the USA, China, the Middle East, Africa, India, Europe and some Asian countries. InnoTAD® is currently working with distributors to secure two large orders of 5,000pc each from government level and large corporations to kick off aggressive global marketing.

SUIC and InnOTAD Group will work intensively with governments around the world to use Big Data analysis to promote environmental protection in a very efficient way. Carbon-mitigation and pollution mitigation is of utmost importance, and this collaboration with government agencies will improve the ability of countries to use the silent storage of data in the effective management of the ecosystem of data. In addition, the SUIC and InnoTAD partnership will revolutionize governments with limited capabilities to operate in a system where the integration of Big Data is seamless, sustainability is continuous and the impact on the environment It will be extremely beneficial.

About the InnoTAD® Group

InnoTAD® Group is a technology company based in Singapore. It produces products and services that make cars efficient through their proprietary technologies. InnoTAD® is engaged in intensive research and development for innovative solutions and the innoTAD® Emission Reducer, iER (Fuel Reducer), is a patent-pending product, the first of its kind in the world with the ability to effectively improve cars in fuel, noise, power, engine, emissions and pollution. Their InnoTAD® Emission Reducer, iER, is suitable for all types of Benzine, Diesel, Methane / LPG cars. It is one of the solutions ready to reduce emissions and pollutants for used cars and new cars! For more information on InnoTAD® and their innovative products, visit their website: www.innoTAD.com

About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company

The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company provides Blockchain services to five industries, including: "Logistics and Commerce", "Vehicles and Transport", "Finance and Coins" and "Medicine and Health" and a new addition, "Fintech". The addition of the Fintech sector to the SUIC Blockchain services includes a comprehensive update in which SUIC will develop its internal capabilities by actively launching a Blockchain training program, developing a 3rd generation Smart Contract Blockchain with the SUIC brand and using these features to offer an ICO Consulting. SUIC shareholders will be exposed to the different application of blockchain services in various parts of the economy. In addition, existing and potential customers can benefit from the diversified portfolio of technologies and consulting services of this company in the four sectors. As one of the first technology companies listed on the stock exchange, SUIC is an innovative leader integrating these five sectors. To learn more, visit www.sinounitedltd.com.

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