Complaints It is the most used and best performing Blockchain


After raising $ 4 billion through record-breaking token sales, the team now claims to have solved the scalability problem, bringing the EOS-based platform to be the most scalable and best performing blockchain platform at world.

The claims about's ultra-high performance come a few months after the platform first came into operation and proceeds to about $ 4 billion estimated in a symbolic sale last June.

While talking to Asia Times about scalability problems affecting many blockchain projects, Serg Metelin, responsible for relations with developers, said that this was the most important problem of the project and that their platform became "the first blockchain that solved the challenge scalability. "

He attributed the project's success largely to Dan Larimer, co-founder of, who "realized that there are many developers around the world who want to build real-world applications, not just proof-of-concept does not scale, real applications need a platform and EOSIO is the platform. "

He also noted that the Hong Kong-based company is now moving forward to tackle the next problems, mainly the adoption of blockchain and usability.

"Most of the others [industry] players are still trying to understand this aspect of scalability, but now let's move on to the next big challenges, which are adopting blockchain and usability. " moves beyond their own Blockchain project

As reported at the start of this year,'s multibillion-dollar investment round was led by major players in the technology industry, including Peter Thiel, Bitmain, Louis Bacon, Alan Howard and Mike's Galaxy Digital. Novogratz.

With these funds, the team went beyond simply financing their operations and launched a venture capital arm that will help finance projects under construction on the EOS blockchain.

One of these projects funded by the VC arm is Emanate, a self-governing musical ecosystem based in the United States that offers singers and songwriters greater control over the profitability and use of their music by removing the music. intermediary typically involved in music industry, as producers and managers.

Another company is Eva, a Canadian company that shares racing and is basically a Uber-based version of Uber's blockchain. They are also investing in an identity service company in Thailand, called IDPass, which uses blockchain to develop and maintain identity profiles that can store information such as fingerprints or retine scans. uses hackathons to find promising projects that they believe worthy of being invested and, in particular, discovered IDPass after winning the "EOS Global Hackathon Series" in Hong Kong at the start of this summer.

Metelin said that hackathon events are a great way to see early-stage blockchain projects that could benefit greatly from investment and the orientation of a successful project.

"So there's one element of this without hackers in which we teach people how to code for blockchain, we also provide suggestions from an investment project to help if they want to bring their project further." It's also the prospect of cash prizes, a top prize of $ 100,000 for each event and $ 500,000 as the main prize at the grand finale in December, "he said.

Despite having a huge amount of resources, the project is still in its early stages of development and it will be interesting to see how these resources will help to grow the platform in the future.

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