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Start-ups should initially treat an ICO as a tool to grow their business rather than raise funds. It is the opinion of a speaker at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm : Daniel Zakrisson, CEO at Startup Accelerator. In the interview, he shares his point of view on the development of the blockchain sector in Sweden and provides advice for startups aiming to launch ICO.

BCS: Hi, Daniel. Your company,, supports blockchain startups. How do you select the startups to collaborate with?

D.Z .: Startups come to us through our community, our partners (accelerators, funds, etc.), our website and our conferences. We have a common process regardless of how they come to understand the real potential of a team and a project and their level of maturity.

BCS: What types of startups do support more frequently?

DZ: We have two main types of startups that contact us:

  1. startup blockchain, who are working on blockchain technology or services that will potentially work better using internal token systems
  2. companies that explore if what they do could see benefits through tokenising all or part of their product.

I think the main reason for this is that we became known for

BCS: What would you recommend to a startuper who has a promising idea and a desire to launch his ICO to start with?

DZ: Before you really think if an ICO is the best way to raise funds.

Second they develop their idea, release code, technical white papers and validate their model. An ICO should arrive when it is ready to launch its own network and can use ICO to restart users and services in its network.

BCS: What are the most common mistakes of startupers during ICO preparations?

DZ: [19659006] Considering that it is a way to raise funds mainly, it is not. It is a way to start the network.

BCS: What is the rarest application of the blockchain you have faced in your practice?

D.Z .: We have seen many different applications. The most interesting and rare are those that push the boundaries of a decentralized economy, like trying to launch a project with a completely anonymous team.

BCS: What do you think of the development of the blockchain industry in Sweden? [19659005] DZ: It's finally taking off! Basically it started a year ago with early adopters. But Sweden will reach and in the long run. I really see great potential as the talent needed to scale cutting-edge technology companies exists in Sweden.

BCS: Please tell us more about your presentation at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

DZ: I am thinking of talking more about some of the actual token models and practical use cases are in use or may be used today. Some examples include records with tokens and discount tokens.

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