BitMEX launches the new Fork monitoring website to track Bitcoin forks


BitMEX has just launched a website to simplify the control of the rigid and soft forks on the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to a recent blog post, the search arm of BitMEX is sponsoring a new website,, which is connected to 13 nodes of Bitcoin and its bifurcations, in particular Bitcoin Cash.

The website will monitor many different aspects of the networks and related associated blockchains, with the ultimate goal of keeping track of these variables during forks, which could be "potentially useful to help detect unintentional consensual bugs".

The article says that BitMEX is launching this new site in anticipation of an upcoming hard fork for Bitcoin Cash, which is expected to take place on November 15, 2018.

BitMEX Research took on Twitter to announce its new tool. In the comment section, the company continued to shoot Craig Wright, whose infamous affirmation of Satoshi Nakamoto's identity made him a pariah in the industry, for his part in the November 15th fork.

"[Craig Wright’s] (AKA node "Fake Satoshi"), Bitcoin SV, should switch from the network to a new chain, "the discussion law.

The Twitter thread explicitly stated that the focus of Fork Monitor will be to examine the Bitcoin network, insinuating that the highest priority of the website is not necessarily to keep precise notes about Bitcoin Cash and its forks.

However, the planned hard fork date of BCH gave BitMEX plenty of time to create a functional monitoring website that eventually collects more rigid data. At present, Fork Monitor is something of a pilot project, although "hopefully it will provide useful information to some stakeholders" in the future.

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