BitGuild and Magic Academy are the first games on Tron network (TRX) published officially

BitGuild and Magic Academy are the first games on Tron network (TRX) published officially

The famous Tron cryptocurrency network (TRX) continues to surprise everyone on the market. The decentralized applications continue to evolve and offer better products and services. Some time ago, Tron presented its Tron Virtual Machine (TVM), allowing developers and businesses to start deploying decentralized applications (dApps) on the network.

Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron Foundation, asked the community to provide ideas on what applications they would like to see running on the Tron network. And only some time ago, he unveiled the first blockchain game based on Tron.

In a blog post, the Tron Foundation explains that BitGuild's mission is to "redefine the standard for the way players interact with their games." The main feature of this game is that users are the real owners of their resources.

By the way, the official press release reads as follows:

"Blockchain games completely redefine the relationship between players and developers, facilitating the full and true ownership of game resources, the trade in low-cost and secure items, cross-game compatibility of objects and currency, and more."

The BitGuild team is made up of cryptocurrency and gaming veterans from around the world with decades of experience in creating international gaming platforms and different communities.

At the same time, Magic Academy is the world's first inactive blockchain game based on the Tron platform. Users can purchase different wizards and upgrade their items to increase battle power. By upgrading items and purchasing wizards, Jade's production increases. The jade owned by the user is a TRC20 token and can be extracted continuously.

Players can easily trade different items, based on TRC721, and their prize will increase by 25% each time they are traded.

The game was written using intelligent contracts based on Solidity. Furthermore, the game is open, transparent and credible. Users who want to make transactions in the game can do it very easily with a Tron wallet that would work like a treasure. At the moment, the game supports two different languages: English and Chinese.

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