Bitcoin Revolution Scam continues to draw in unsuspecting victims


Bitcoin Revolution Scam continues to draw in unsuspecting victims

Despite being exposed by numerous scam reviews websites, it seems that the scammers behind Bitcoin Revolution are still attracting customers.

The fraudulent transaction promises an app that claims to provide accurate trading signals of 99.4% in advance of 0.01 seconds compared to normal markets. He uses celebrity videos and images without permission to promote the scam, prompting some celebrities to publicly denounce their affiliation to the service.

The scam is so popular that it has been copied and perpetuated by other scammers who hope to fool even naive investors. Replication websites have appeared with names like Bitcoin Secret, Bitcoin Formula and Bitcoin Trader, but they are otherwise almost identical to Bitcoin Revolution.

For anyone involved in investment or financial technology, websites should be instantly recognizable as scams. However, for many inexperienced investors who hope to be involved in cryptography, they can be quite convincing. The increase in Bitcoin prices in December at the end of last year has created a lasting impression that a lot of money can be made by investing in cryptocurrency. However, the unfortunate reality is that only a small percentage of investors take advantage of the cryptocurrency market, with a much larger part losing money.

Scams like Bitcoin Revolution fuel the fear of many people who have lost the last bit of Bitcoin and do not want to lose the next one. Using phrases like "Bitcoin makes rich people" and "you can become the next millionaire", the scam is aimed at impatient and lazy investors who just want to get rich quick instead of doing the necessary research.

As with most of life, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. People without adequate financial training should not invest in any market, especially if not regulated and emerging. Without the required amount of knowledge, experience and hard work, you are more likely to earn money by playing the lottery than investing in speculative markets.

Unfortunately, tracing the perpetrators behind scams like Bitcoin Revolution is almost impossible, making it highly unlikely that any victim can see their money again.

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