Bitcoin drops to the $ 4000 level in a large encryption


On Tuesday, Bitcoin fell again, extending its recent falls and pushing toward the $ 4,000 level amid a vast cryptocurrency triggered by disagreements within the coin developer community and persistent regulatory control concerns.

Tuesday morning, bitcoin, the most actively traded digital currency, fell more than 10% to a low of $ 4.237, the weakest level since October 2017, according to Refinitiv data. This follows shorter moves at the beginning of the week even among its closest peers. Ethereum, the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has fallen 14% in the last 24 hours to $ 139.66.

The XRP, a token associated with Ripple, was one of the few good results on Tuesday, increasing 0.5% to $ 0.4827. Other important cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin, stellar and litecoin money have been hit hard.

Overall, bitcoin is down 66% from the beginning of the year, while the broader asset class, known to be extremely volatile, has seen its collective market capitalization reduced by around three quarters from the year. ; beginning of the year.

The last collapse of value was triggered by a "civil war" of this type – known in the community as a "fork" – between bitcoin developers and miners who have not been able to agree a direction to take the cryptocurrency . This involved a series of subdivisions in two different currencies.

The increase in regulatory control has also discouraged commercial operators after two companies that raised funds in 2017 through cryptocurrency sales were forced by US regulators last week to return funds to investors after failing to register their first money offerings as securities. The agreement of the Committee on Security and Exchange Fee with Paragon Coin and CarrierEQ raised concerns that other companies might be forced to do the same.

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