Bitcoin Daily: Big ICOs Avoided Ethereum Crash


The major projects of initial coin offerings (ICO) studied by Bitmex could have prevented the collapse of the prices of Ethereum by converting their resources into the fiat currency digital currency, according to reports. Bitmex noted that the difference between the total of Ethereum collected compared to the amount collected in fiat was only $ 11 million. Even so, the report finds that the unrealized gains for Ethereum were much higher than $ 93 million. Cryptocurrency hit $ 1,400 in January and fell below $ 200 in September. Its price was $ 230.83 from 8:19 pm Monday (October 1), according to CoinDesk.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said that a new unit dedicated to the search for blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has not been formally created, reported CoinDesk. The news comes after a news item in India has filed a RTI (Right To Information) request, following an article in The Economic Times. The report noted that the RBI had created such a unit based on information from two unidentified sources "familiar with the central bank's plans". According to an RTI response sent to the outlet, "There is a new unit formally created in RBI for the purpose (blockchain, crypto and AI) mentioned in the RTI query."

Bitcoin is going through a heavy blow, with the cryptocurrency falling for the second month in a row. However, CoinDesk reported that "there are signs of a bullish rise in the fourth quarter". Bitcoin fell 10% in August and the cryptocurrency started at just over $ 7,000 in September, after falling to around $ 6,500 from 8:31 pm. Monday (October 1st). It was still very different from the $ 20,000 bitcoin recorded in December last year. The outlet, however, has shown that the cryptocurrency, in the third quarter, recorded a gain of 2%. He also said that if the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) did not turn down a fund traded on the bitcoin exchange (ETF), that gain could "have been much larger".


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