Bitcoin Cash's 25% Fuel Gains by Bitmain's IPO Filing


Fedora Day, with a week in a row, with a week in a row. More than 20% rise in the price XRP, with the closely correlated Stellar and Cardano adding more than 5% before the late-day pullback.

While the series is being sold well above the $ 200 level after yesterday's test, but the weaker has been left unconscious in the case of most of the top coins. Monet is still a buy signal, while Dash and Litecoin retained its neutral signal, with LTC showing related strength today. The other majors are all on short- and long-term sell signals, with the long-term outlook still being overwhelmingly bearish in the segment.

XRP / USDT, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

0.57 level after bouncing off key long-term support zone between $ 0.42 and $ 0.46 yesterday. Triggered another short-term buy signal, even as the long-term setup is still questionable. $ 0.01 and $ 0.46, with the crucial long-term zone between $ 0.42 and $ 0.46, while further resistance is ahead at $ 0.54 and $ 0.64.

BTC / USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Bitcoin failed to rise above the $ 6500 at today's bounce, and despite the weak move, the coin is still only on a short-term signal and a durable move below the $ 6275 key would trigger a short-term sell signal.

With the weak short-term, the test of the $ 6000 and possibly the $ 5850 levels seems likely, with strong resistance still ahead at $ 6750 and $ 7000. Traders should not enter new positions here, even as a short-term trend change is not confirmed yet.

Ethereum Sows Weakness Again as Litecoin Attempts Rally

ETH / USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

This week, it has been showing clear relative weakness. While the second largest coin, which was once again briefly overtaken by Ripple today, is still trading above $ 200, a move towards $ 180 is likely in the coming period.

For now, our model is still a neutral signal, but ETH is close to triggering a sell signal. Further resistance is ahead at $ 260 and between $ 275 and $ 280, while the bear market is less than $ 170 providing additional, weak support.

LTC / USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

It shows a strength, the coin remains in a weak technical pattern. The short-term trend is still intact, a move to the $ 51 level and the recent low is $ 47 is likely. Further support is found near $ 44, while resistance is ahead near the $ 59 and $ 64 levels.

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Disclaimer: The analyst owns cryptocurrencies. He holds investment in positions in the short-term or day-trading, nor does he hold short positions on any of the coins.

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