Bitcoin Cash is on track for a three-way schism


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The only thing certain is that everyone claims to be the real bitcoin.

There seems to be problems in purgatory, and the world may be about to get the third and fourth "real" bitcoins. To summarize:

On 1 August 2017 bitcoin bifurcated into Bitcoin Cash. Larger block sizes have proven objectively superior for processing more transactions more quickly and at lower costs, but they have never really been exploited. Despite its functional advantages, most people only have eyes for true digital gold. For some glorious moments, however, people did not ironically use the terms "small blocker" and "big blocker" as insults and gang identifiers. It was a strange moment.

Until today it is still possible to find oneself involuntarily on the wrong side of someone shorting Bitcoin Cash as "Bcash".

People chose the parts and went separately.

Three key figures who opted for the Bitcoin Cash method include:

Things were going very well, and the trio was having a lot of fun figuring out how big it was to have a big block and how much bitcoin Cash was bitcoin.

Then, on August 13, Wright's company, nChain, announced that he would have to launch Bitcoin Cash in something called Bitcoin SV (Satoshi & Vision Vision), in collaboration with the CoinGeek mining pool.

This was rather controversial, because the main The Bitcoin Cash development team – Bitcoin ABC – was planning several plans for an upcoming November update. Now there would be a fork, or a part would have to surrender.

The community of cryptocurrency has enthusiastically welcomed the possibility of another new variant of bitcoins and of all the satoshi aromas that accompany it.

reheated on August 20, when it was revealed that Jihan Wu called Craig Wright "faketoshi" in a private group chat, commenting that the proposed code for Bitcoin SV seemed a little 39; not similar to Satoshi. Side note: clearly there is no private chat these days

 juicy cryptographic words

Now Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV are proverbially headed on a collision course, but more literally headed in a course of diversion, because fork and everything.

One can reasonably expect that many people are going to get angry with many other people, and that Roger Ver will look into the possibility of cloning to follow both forks, and that bitcoin is going to get more official spinoffs of Law and Order .

If one thing is clear, it's that there's a lot of entertainment value to have, and that's the only way in which every single thing out there could be the real bitcoin is if Satoshi Nakamoto he had more personality.

The cult around bitcoin is very fascinating in itself.

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