"Bitcoin can be a legal form of payment," says Brazil's presidential candidate


The presidential candidate of the new Brazilian party João Amoêdo has revealed his thoughts and optimism on blockchain innovation and on the feasibility of Bitcoin as a legal payment method.

Voting for a financial revolution

Next October, voters in Brazil will go to the polls to vote in the country's general election to decide on the next President, Vice President, Congress, Governors and other state officials. [19659004] João Amoêdo, the candidate for the NOVO Partido, commonly known as The New Party, is running on a platform for new financial innovations, including the integration of blockchain in electoral platforms, responsibilities in public management and creation of digital identity online. [19659004] In a recent interview with The Bitcoin Portal Amoêdo discusses his hopes of improving government and national offices through the implementation of blockchain systems.

Brazil, Bitcoin and Blockchain – Oh My!

There are many government and public sector areas that Amoêdo believes can benefit from blockchain implementation.

Supply chain management is curr is a big goal of many blockchain projects. Amoêdo cites problems with the contamination of food and drink in Brazil, and its National Health Monitoring Agency (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária ANVISA) finds it difficult to identify where contamination originates in the chain. Blockchain technology can help solve these problems more quickly, saving money and potentially saving lives.

Amoêdo is also confident that the use of blockchain in government offices can increase the transparency of authentication of documents, real estate registration and the recognition of signatures.

Governments are wary of the interactions between digital currencies and national currencies, Amoêdo replied:

I do not think they are a threat to the traditional banking system. I see advantages in providing another means of payment for consumers.

Regarding the future of the cryptocurrency trade, of which Brazil has several, Amoêdo believes that regulation will be crucial to bring the security and certainty of allowing large investors to participate by declaring:

The most It is important to ensure an institutional framework that generates more certainty for investors, companies and even politicians.


I think it is premature to define rigid rules that delimit a market that is still in training.

The big question came at the end of the interview when The Bitcoin Portal asked to Amoêdo if it was possible to declare Bitcoin as a legal payment method in Brazil, to which he replied:

As a means of payment, I see no doubt that bitcoin can be understood as a legal payment method. If both sides want to exchange a product via bitcoins, I see no legal obstacle to doing so.

Could Amoêdo win the presidency? Do you agree with your position and the proposed policies to incorporate the blockchain into the government and do you think Bitcoin will become a legal currency in Brazil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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