Bitcoin [BTC]Revealed debit card supported by Ethereum and Stellar Lumens


The world of cryptocurrencies has received another boost with the introduction of a new cryptocurrency card called BlockCard created by the American blockchain company Ternio. The company's announcement revealed that the company will support more cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Lumen stars [XLM] and Ternio [TERN] with a plan to add others soon.

The update was followed by a statement by Ian Kane, founder and Chief Operating Officer [COO] of Ternio, who said:

"The goal of Ternio is to accelerate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency in everyday life BlockCard allows the cardholder to get a real utility from their cryptocurrency and removes the idea that cryptography is just a speculative asset. "

The company also stated that there is a plan to introduce a complementary mobile application for the purpose of conducting cryptocurrency transactions. The news also drew the attention of Weiss Ratings, a popular cryptocurrency rating company that had tweeted:

"#Ternio has announced a new #crypto – BlockCard debit card to speed up the use of #blockchain and #cryptocurrency.The card can be used online or in physical stores all over the world.The card supports 4 #cryptos: #BTC, #ETH, #XLM and #TERN and could add more. "

The company also stated that Blockcard will be the first card to support more cryptocurrencies with the possibility of processing transactions via a cryptocurrency exchange.

Also Daniel Gouldman, CEO and founder of Ternio said:

"We want to give consumers the option on which digital asset they use to fund their BlockCard account, cardholders decide if they want to buy a bagel with their Bitcoin or a milk with their star lights. on exchanges of digital assets, which helps push the crypto community ".

The concept of cryptocurrency credit and debit cards are not new in the digital resource space, with Uphold being another example. During the launch, Uphold announced that it would launch the world's first cryptocurrency credit service in the world. According to the company:

"We are launching both physical and virtual debit cards soon and we will turn this waiting list into a dynamic ranking that rewards early references, community participation and transactional activities!"

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