Bitbns Exchange of cryptocurrencies in India List DASH Cryptocurrency Coin


Bitbns, one of the largest exchanges of cryptocurrencies in India Dash (DASH) Cryptocurrency.

The announcement made by Cryptocurrency of Dash and the exchange of cryptocurrencies Bitbns on their social pages indicated the addition of the DASH / INR pair for trading. The strategic partnership between the two company will allow users to buy and sell DASH currency directly on the exchange using Indian Rupees.This move attracts more Indian participation in cryptocurrencies on the exchange and opening of a new market for the currency of Dash.

DASH / INR couple added to Bitbns Cryptocurrency Exchange

Speaking of the partnership, Bitbns CEO for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, Gaurav Dahake praised the partnership between Bitbns and the currency of Dash which states that the objectives of the two companies are perfectly aligned to push for the global adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world . Beginning with India and the largest region of South Asia, the two companies are taking small steps towards achieving the set goal of global adoption.

"Both Dash and Bitbns share the common goal of making cryptocurrency more accessible to everyone around the world and we hope that through this partnership we can take a small step forward to achieve this goal in India and in the wider region In South Asia, we are also organizing a massive competition with Dash to drive digital payments more transparently to Indian users.We have created one of the easiest ways for users to deposit and withdraw capital and exchange digital resources, with our new flow of deposits with an interposed open order. "- Gaurav Dahake, CEO of Bitbns exchange of cryptocurrency.

Adoption of Dash to the Bitbanks exchange will bring great benefits to the value of cryptocurrency as it is introduced in a new market India . Boasting as one of the best cryptocurrant exchanges in the country, Bitbns is also one of the fastest trades in circulation. The InstantSend feature increases transaction confirmation speeds and increases platform security for users who do not need to maintain large trade balances to take advantage of trading opportunities. Speaking of the benefits of the partnerships the director of commercial development of Dash Core Global, Bradley Zastrow said,

"We are extremely excited to take advantage of this partnership to become part of such an early e-market growth. We are also enthusiastic about the support of InstantSend, one of our main areas of focus, the more we can build this through the stock exchanges globally, the more we create liquidity on the net and increase opportunities for traders and traders. "

the InstantSend functionality integrated in the Bitbns exchange, Dash transactions will be completed instantly, reducing delays in the face of transaction confirmations on blockchain of Dash .

Bitbns cryptocurrency exchange

Bitbns cryptocurrency exchange was launched at the time of the cryptographic boom at the end of 2017 as the exchange focused on adding more coins possible for trade. Since December, the exchange has seen a significant increase in the assets traded on the Bitbns crypt exchange. The peer-to-peer exchange is globally available to investors who wish to participate in direct transactions with each other.

In addition, Gaurav said that the strategic partnership between exchange Dash and Bitbns will launch a competition for users in an attempt to push the marketing position of the DASH / INR couple's trading .

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