Binance and Bithumb announce new cryptographic lists, prices react


Bithumb and Binance announced announcements of new coins, with Bithumb stating that Waves (WAVES) and ChainLink (LINK) will join its ranks, while Binance is adding the BNB trading pair for TRON (TRX).

Bithumb Adds Two New Coins

Cryptos who are quoted on new trades are always great news for both coins and trades. Coins get more visibility, activity and trust from careful investors, while trades get more traffic and customers willing to work on their platforms.

Bithumb's recent Twitter announcement has certainly rocked the cryptic world after the declared exchange that will add two new projects. The cryptos in question are Waves (WAVES) and ChainLink (LINK), both of which are programmed to be broadcast live today.

According to the announcement, both cryptos will be up and running by 6.30 (19459020). Furthermore, both of these projects are quite promising and their addition to Bithumb will be an excellent move for the exchange as well. Not to mention that the coins will have a lot more attention now that they are entering the exchange with over $ 400 million in volume for 24 hours, on average.

The results of the listing are already evident, and both projects are benefiting a lot even now. WAVES increased by 11.5% after the announcement and are currently valued at $ 2.21, while LINK rose by 15% with a price of $ 0.321 at the time of writing. How many coins will benefit from the quotation is at this point the hypothesis of none, but the fact remains that it is an extremely positive development in an otherwise bearish cryptographic market.

Binance allows you to buy TRX with BNB

The positive news continues with the new announcement of Binance to add TRX / BNB trading pairs. The most popular exchange in the world has decided to allow the purchase of TRON tokens with its Binance native currency.

The announcement states that Binance will start trading again today, with the TRX / BNB trade open at 4:00 AM (UTC).

The new trading pair only comes a few days after Bittrex added the TRX / USD trading pair. This provided investors with easy access to TRX tokens and additional liquidity.

Although this is not a surprise when TRON is involved, the good news for this coin does not end there. In fact, the TRX has also been added to KuCoin quite recently, just after the TRON Foundation completed the umpteenth ERC-20 token burn cycle of TRON. This time, over $ 97 million TRX coins or 4.9 billion ERC-20 tokens belonging to TRON have been eliminated from circulation.

At the moment, BNB's capitalization is $ 921 million, which ranks it in 15th place on the AltDex 100 index. As for CoinMarketCap, Binance Coin is currently ranked 17th among the most important coins by market capitalization, while TRX continues to hold 13th place. It remains to be seen whether the new pair of trades will change anything for both cryptos in terms of price and market capitalization.

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