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Common planes often harass Taiwan, and the cross-strait situation is tense. Former US Navy Deputy Secretary Seth Cropsey recently said the US election on November 3 is the most dangerous time for Taiwan. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army could breach Taiwan and take over the island that day. In this regard, Zhao Chunshan, chief consultant of the Asia Peace Research Foundation and honorary professor of the Institute of Mainland China at Tamkang University, believes that the mainland will not fire the first shot and have no problems in Taiwan within two weeks.

The Continental Affairs Commission recently held an international seminar on “Current Development and Governance Issues in Mainland China”. According to media reports, Zhao Chunshan said in an interview that the mainland would not fire the first shot. He was initially worried about Trump, but now it seems that although the Biden people are leading, but the gap between the various states is narrowing: he believes that the United States should not focus on the Taiwan Strait or South China Sea issues, but they should focus on the relationship between the candidates and the mainland.

In the countdown to the US presidential election, Zhao Chunshan stressed that the mainland will have no problems in the Taiwan Strait in these two weeks. If there is something to be done, the chances of doing something in the South China Sea are still relatively high, because things in the Taiwan Strait will be more serious. To completely fix it, it’s impossible to save the problem for later.

The MAC stressed that the mainland is facing internal and external challenges this year, such as the epidemic, floods and confrontation between the United States and China. Officials still insist that they will complete this year’s economic and social development goals as planned. Through the observation and analysis of scholars and experts in this international seminar, we will be able to understand the mainland in a more objective way. Current developments in various fields, governance issues and the real needs of society and people are to facilitate the study and judgment of the possible external actions of the Beijing authorities in times of change and the possible impact on regional security and relations across the strait.

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