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Best Bitcoin Resources – Foreign Policy

You could be new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and you're having trouble finding a place to learn about it. We will talk about the best Bitcoin resources that will help solve this problem.

In today's information, you can find the answer to almost any online question. Like cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, there are many online resources that explain the question "what is a Bitcoin?" There are learning resources, documentaries, video presentations, news websites, podcasts, forums and much more all useful and reliable sources of information on Bitcoin.

This is a 1-minute official video of Bitcoin.org which is a community-funded resource website on everything related to Bitcoin.

The Coin Desk is the typical Wall Street pier, but only for Bitcoin. The lovely people at Coin Desk provide reliable information and the website focuses on news, pricing, charts and analysis regarding the price of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Bitcoin Wiki is the Wikipedia of Blockchain and Bitcoin. When you visit the site, when you click "To start" you will get a step by step guide to Bitcoin. C & # 39; is a FAQ section that answers all the questions regarding Bitcoin.

Podcasts have seen real growth in recent times. So it's right that Bitcoin has his own talk show. As for the Bitcoin podcasts, the "Let's Talk Bitcoin" podcasts cover the entire Blockchain industry. They have a podcast of questions and answers in which they answer questions submitted by viewers and have a solid relationship with their viewers.

Another great podcast is "The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast" which covers topics like Bitcoin, Fintech and Blockchain. The great thing about these guys is that they interview the best people in the industry on their podcasts. It offers a real relationship between people in the main industry and those who are simply interested in investing, which is why it makes them one of the best Bitcoin resources.

Explains Bitcoin Like I & # 39; m Five is a fantastic article about Bitcoin. The author, Nik Gustodio, uses an apple to explain the blockchain and how it works with very simple and daily metaphors.

Although not exactly a Bitcoin video, this video focuses more on the blockchain. It is an informative video very well done on the most exciting implications of blockchain and the impact it could have on our lives. He moves away from Bitcoin and focuses more on Ethereum (another blockchain-based cryptocurrency); however, it is an exceptional source of information.

If you are interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, and you want to be more than just a technology follower, rather than reading the original Bitcoin white paper is something you should read. It is the first time that Bitcoin and Blockchain are presented to us after the 2008 financial crisis.

This is a video in which the creator breaks the technology behind the Bitcoin network. It's a video focused on technology and explains the algorithm, mining and encryption, explains how everything works together to make the network safe and how decentralization works and what it means.

This is a video of Anders Brownworth and is a detailed video on how the Blockchain works, but made so that you can visually see the key pieces of what is Blockchain.

Jameson Lopp's Bitcoin Resouce is a website that contains hundreds of links to resources regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain. It includes trading resources, portfolios, exchanges, data tracking sites, online courses, blogs, forums and displays recommended Twitter accounts to experts who are experts in the field.

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