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Beirut: Arab economic summit concludes by underlining solidarity to alleviate the suffering of refugees and displaced persons

Called for the implementation of the Strategic Development Plan in East Jerusalem (2018-2022)

The leaders of the Arab countries at the conclusion of the Arab summit for economic and social development in its fourth session in Beirut, fully committed to the implementation of the decisions taken and the projects adopted by the previous Arab Development Summits in the subsequent sessions.

Furthermore, the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was led by the Minister of Finance, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Jadaan.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun praised the efforts made to make the summit a success, thanked the Secretary General of the Arab League and all the staff of the General Secretariat, the Higher Committee of the Organization, the security services and the media. A step towards the guarantee of an integrated Arab economy.

The Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ambassador Hossam Zaki, issued the "Declaration of Beirut" issued by the summit, which called for the need to bring together all international donors, specialized organizations and Arab funds for alleviate the suffering of refugees and displaced persons and guarantee the financing of development projects in the countries. It will support national development plans and will contribute to reducing the economic and social effects of this temporary hosting, asking to attract more Arab and international investments in the host countries.

The statement stressed that the refugee and displaced persons crisis in Arab countries has resulted in economic and social burdens in host Arab countries, which have led to major challenges that require an improvement in their situation and alleviation and treatment of the consequences of asylum. and of the relocation to the host countries.

It also called for the need for all stakeholders to provide the necessary funding by involving the relevant organizations and entities to implement the projects contained in the Strategic Plan for Sectoral Development in East Jerusalem (2018-2022), inviting all stakeholders to develop means to mobilize popular support for the implementation of the plan. The firmness of the Palestinian people in the face of growing Israeli aggression and the subsequent destruction of the Palestinian economy and infrastructure, and the belief in Arab and Islamic collective responsibility towards Jerusalem in order to preserve Arab, Islamic identity and Christian of Jerusalem.

The Declaration affirms the right to return and compensation of Palestinian refugees and their descendants in accordance with resolutions of international legitimacy, in particular Resolution 194 of 1948 of the General Assembly, and the affirmation of the international mandate granted to UNRWA in accordance with its decision to establish it, rejecting any decision to end or reduce its role; And the financial contributions necessary to its budgets to enable it to continue to play its role and responsibilities towards Palestinian refugees.

He called on all countries to abide by international laws and international legitimacy resolutions concerning the legal status of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and not to recognize it as the capital of Israeli occupation or the transfer of embassies to it.

The "Beirut Declaration" also underlines the need to adopt proactive policies to build the capacities necessary to benefit from the digital economy's potential and support for private initiatives, also emphasizing the importance of developing a common Arab vision in # 39; digital economy

Emphasizes the need to monitor progress in the Greater Arab Free Trade Area and the needs of the Arab Customs Union in the hope of achieving a common Arab market and to exert all efforts to overcome the obstacles that hinder the achieving this goal, while stressing the importance of supporting and financing Arab integration projects, Assistance for Trade.

The Summit adopted the "Pilot Card for the Development of the SME Sector" in order to ensure the integration of the economies of the Arab countries with each other and to find competitive advantages under the international economic blocs, to improve the level of employment and reduce unemployment rates. Policies and programs aimed at the development of SMEs and inviting the private sector to support the competitiveness of SMEs.

The declaration adopted the Arab strategy for sustainable energy 2030 in order to achieve the sustainable development of the Arab energy system in line with the objectives of the 2030 global agenda for sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions , in line with its seventh goal of allowing everyone to access sustainably and reliably to modern energy in a sustainable way, and the prospects for its future development up to 2030.

He emphasized the importance of investing in human beings as the shortest way to achieve the necessary economic growth and in light of the rapid developments that have had a negative impact on the gains of Arab development in light of the challenges faced by the countries Arabs who have led to rising rates of poverty and unemployment, the summit adopted the Arab Strategic Framework for Poverty 2020-2030 as a framework to enhance Arab efforts to achieve global sustainable development in the Arab region in order to reduce the multidimensional poverty index by 50% by 2030, while emphasizing the importance of following up on its implementation and inviting the Arab private sector to institutions of civil society to provide all the necessary support aspects that positively reflects on the human in the Arab world.

The Beirut Declaration included the approval of the Pink Portfolio Initiative as a regional initiative for women's health in the Arab region in the framework of the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development goals in order to ensure that all people enjoy one healthy lifestyle and well-being at all ages. It is essential to achieve development goals.

Recognizing the importance of improving technical and professional education in the Arab world and linking it to the needs of the labor market as part of global development, the Declaration stressed the need to develop skills and encourage creativity and creativity. innovation in order to build the human being and create a productive citizen who contributes to the construction and development of the Arab society to reach the human, legislation and laws that regulate the labor market and the training of workers in in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

The summit adopted the document of the family action platform in the Arab region in the context of the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development goals, such as the family development agenda in the Arab region.

At the Summit, participants agreed on the program for the integration of women and girls in the community development process, which aims to raise awareness, educate and train women and provide them with all the necessary services and commit themselves to supporting the program.

The Arab strategy for the protection of children in asylum / displacement situations in the Arab region, adopted as a guiding document and application of their rights to address the situation of refugees / displaced persons in the Arab region and to deal with their living conditions, stressing that all interested partners should work together in the field of child protection to find solutions and save the whole generation from loss.

The Beirut Declaration adopted the recommendations of the study on "Child Labor in the Arab Region" in preparation for the preparation of a regional strategy to combat child labor in order to address violations of children's rights, in preparation for the preparation of promising young cadres able to enter the labor market.

Building on the importance of the role of the private sector in financing sustainable development in Arab countries to achieve the desired progress and economic and social integration and building on this development, the Beirut statement welcomed the results of the fourth industry forum private Arab held in the margins of the Arab Development Summit in Beirut.

And the conviction of the importance of empowering young people to participate effectively in society and strengthening the role of youth organizations in achieving global development, which will positively influence young people and offer job opportunities and develop skills among young people, in particular refugees and displaced persons, which is an investment in the future of the region and the world. For young Arabs held in the margins of the Arab Development Summit.

As a result of the fact that civil society is an effective partner for governments to work for development and complement its role and to increase burdens and problems in our Arab countries to support efforts to achieve sustainable development, the Summit welcomed welcomes the results of the fourth civil society forum in the margins of the Arab Development Summit, above all the activation of the principle of partnership between governments and civil society organizations active in the Arab arena.

At the end of the declaration, the leaders of the Arab countries gathered to hold the fourth summit of Arab economic and social development four years later, in 2023, in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to follow up the results of the decisions and what was declared in this Declaration, and to study projects and topics related to the joint economic, social and Arab development work and entrusting the follow-up to the Economic and Social Council and the Secretariat with regular reports on the progress made in the Arab summits.

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