Because VMware is involved in the blockchain


VMware announced its blockchain play during VMworld in Las Vegas this week, and it's not just because it's an industry word – the company started a blockchain research project about four years ago and now claims some of the best distributed systems

Project Concord is touted by the company as a decentralized open source, scalable and energy efficient decentralized trust infrastructure for digital consensus and intelligent execution of contracts .

"We are seeing a growing number of organizations evaluating blockchain for smart contracts and digital consensus solutions," Ray O & # 39; Farrell of VMware VP and CTO said during the day a conference on VMworld in Las Vegas this week .

"This technology is potentially becoming a critical role in how companies will interact with each other, how they will work together."

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"But this is not just another blockchain implementation, we've focused a lot on making sure that this is good for businesses, focusing on performance, focusing on scalability" , he continued.

"We have seen examples where the implementation of consensus algorithms took over eight days on some of the most common and widely used infrastructures.With Project Concord, you can do it in two and a half hours."

vice president and CTO of VMware of Asia Pacific and Japan, Bruce Davie, said the blockchain is a general-purpose infrastructure with a ton of potential applications, it is natural that VMware is a provider of the infrastructure layer to allow others to build on it.

"We have some of the world's leading distributed systems working on these algorithms to create secure and distributed logs for specifically business applications," he explained.

"The company is very different from cryptocurrencies, in cryptocurrencies there are all these random people who try to understand that they are able to solve an enigma, so let them engage in the ledger, in a corporate environment you can use a much more efficient algorithm to gain consensus even if some of your parts

VMware's vision for blockchain is to create an enterprise-class service by surrounding the Concord consent engine with additional technologies necessary to enable information sharing reliable beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Key elements of this corporate blockchain vision Includes: choice in the distribution of replicas of data managed in public or private cloud, verification and compliance capabilities, security ready for use and fault tolerance and integration with other VMware offers.

Peder Ulander of the VMware Networking and Security Business Unit told ZDNet that many of VMware's customers are focusing on blockchain, and so it is the company's intention to understand exactly wh

"It's important for us to be at the top, but not because it's a big word. interesting order, but because it's something that our customers look at, so that's why it's in Ray's world right now, the same with Edge, "explained Ulander.

"Edge has just come out of Ray, but it's a great example of incubating what we know where our customers are going, not distracting the field and engineers, partners, and then practically materializing into something very real, that is when we move it in the business.

"It is a different approach to many, in the sense that it concerns the learning of platforms and technologies and the way it adapts to customers with respect to the purchase because you think customers want it. "

Disclosure: Asha McLean traveled as a guest of VMware at VMworld in Las Vegas


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