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Because the Bitcoin (Segwit BTC) and the dumping of coins alt Ethereum is good for the company

The current round of coins is actually good for the industry as it exposes the ridiculousness of all other coin business models – including Bitcoin Core (BTC) has been seriously overvalued given its inability to be used as electronic money. The value of cryptocurrency should always have been on the utility, and this requires massive scaling and low-cost micro-transactions. Although it is painful for those who go in the wrong direction, this correction of the market will allow the facts to shine and we hope that once everything is finished, everyone will understand that this is and has always been about real utility and downsizing.

The digital gold models and the Ico are all fiction and have been very negative for this sector. Both will result in huge losses for many investors, and have overshadowed the understanding that cryptocurrency needs to be downsized to be the new global money, what was created to make Bitcoin (now existing as Bitcoin SV).

We are happy to have fought against Bitcoin ABC and that Bitcoin SV has resisted. Otherwise, the original Bitcoin would have died again last week when Bitcoin ABC rushed into a series of code changes that deviate from Bitcon's core principles. Bitcoin SV has kept the original Bitcoin and will make it successful.

Bitcoin SV is therefore seriously underestimated now and the token is best positioned to grow in value. Our prediction is that this market correction will determine that Bitcoin SV is the only cryptocurrency to which one can withdraw and preserve value. It is also the only one that will protect the revenues of the mining sector for the future, and is the blockchain in which the explosion of new business models will occur. In fact, we quickly saw that most of BCH's native applications and activities go to BSV. Anyone going to BSV will now be fine … those who remain with a cryptocurrency or blockchain without any reason to exist will lose everything.

In conclusion, although painful, this correction is positive for the long-term sector and is good for society.

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