Beauty And The Blockchain: Perfect365 is taking Cryptos in the beauty market


For a long time, the scrambled world has been dominated by men, but is about to change in a purely good way, as Perfect365 is aiming at the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the beauty industry. Perfect365 is an app based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology that uses facial recognition templates to create the perfect makeup for its users.

Attracting Women

The exciting new adventure includes the collaboration of Perfect365 with Kin. Kin is a cryptocurrency created by Kik. This new move aims to attract more women into the cryptic space. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, only about 5% of the female population really want to deal with cryptocurrencies. In fact, another survey conducted by Perfect365 indicates that only 12% of them own cryptos. That said, it's quite clear why the partnership between Kin and Perfect365 is definitely a great idea.

Speaking of the joint venture, Kin's chairman, Dany Fishel, said Kin's network is expanding into several other apps and introducing the cryptocurrency into the AR Perfect365 app represents a huge step forward in promote female participation in the encrypted market. Dany expressed optimism that Kin will find even more use cases and perhaps become the most popular crypt in the world. With such strong support, Kin joins the growing list of altcoins that oppose Bitcoin.

How It Works

The integrated system between Kin and Perfect365 allows users to earn Kin tokens by responding to surveys. Once they have earned, they can then spend the tokens to access premium features on Perfect365. In the meantime, the two partners will develop more ways to make money for users. At present, the collective ecosystem has a customer base of around 100 million

. Using Perfect365, users can use the facial recognition feature to try out new looks for beauty. They can use the facilities of various supported beauty brands such as NARS, Sony Pictures, Hot Tools, Anna Sui, NYX Professional Makeup, Ipsy, among others. In the future, users will be able to create and share their new beauty looks.

Commenting on the new development, Sean Mao, who is CEO of Perfect365, said that as the first AR-based digital beauty platform, Perfect365 intends to pioneer the development of exciting new features and technologies that bring value to users and partners in general. By integrating Kin into the system, the app offers its users even more value as they can participate more actively in economic growth.

At the moment, the app is being tested by some Android users in India, United States, Canada and Australia. However, it is not accessible to Apple users. This happens at a time when cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity in various sectors.

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