Bavaria and Coca-Cola would join forces in Colombia


Before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Coca-Cola, Bavaria and Coca-Cola FEMSA have submitted a request to be able to join forces and stimulate growth in their businesses. According to the Portafolio newspaper, alternatives are sought to expand through more points of sale and with a wider range of products.

How would Coca-Cola, Bavaria and Coca-Cola FEMSA work if they signed an alliance?

According to the Reuters news agency, quoted by the same business newspaper, if this alliance were approved, these companies would keep their companies and the corporate governance lines they manage until now. Furthermore, they would continue to define what the formalization of this alliance would be like.

“So far, only one request for authorization has been submitted, which will be evaluated by the authority within the time limits established by law”, specifies the portfolio.

El Tiempo, for his part, underlines that the SIC is currently in charge of examining the request and a response will be given in the coming months. (See also: Avianca, Famisanar and H&M would have fired employees)

The document presented by the companies points out that one of the results of this alliance would focus on providing an advantage for the country’s shopkeepers.

“Consumers and shopkeepers in the country as it would allow them to have more alternatives for their consumption and business”, specifies the document replicated by El Tiempo.


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