Azerbaijan Objectives Utilities, Justice System for Blockchain, Smart Contracts Use


Azerbaijan is planning to use blockchain and smart contracts in the legal system and in the housing sector of the country, the Trend news agency oriented to Central Asia reported on 2 November.

Speaking to the publication, the president of Azerbaijan Internet Forum Osman Gunduz noted that plans for the introduction of smart contracts in these areas by the country's justice ministry have "attracted attention" "at a meeting held on October 30th.

"It has been announced that in the future, smart contracts will be introduced in the utilities sector (water, gas and electricity)," he said, adding:

"It refers to the passage of existing citizens' contracts for public utility services to smart contracts, which will ensure transparency and will allow the elimination of counterfeiting cases in this sector, and citizens themselves will be able to independently monitor all these processes."

Gunduz's comments continue to increase the blockchain trend of preference as a source of innovation in Azerbaijan.

As Cointelegraph reported last month, Trend News agency wrote that an intense five-year economic plan involving the central bank of the county and IBM will seek to implement the technology as part of a "digital transformation".

Meanwhile, for the Ministry of Justice, the judicial system is a natural goal for improvement, with Gunduz noting that progress has not been optimal so far.

"This refers to" electronic courts. "So far, work in this direction is very weak," he continued, adding:

"According to my estimates, more support is needed here."

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