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AWS joins the blockchain bandwagon – The Hindu BusinessLine

Las Vegas, November 29th

Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined the bandwagon of companies that experiment with blockchain technology by launching two new products, while the company called the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), including India, is growing "rapidly". The Amazon.com company has also launched nearly 20 new products and updates, primarily for cloud computing, to provide customers with "database freedoms".

"We were asked why we were not doing anything about blockchain … We did not really understand who was a blockchain customer, and AWS's culture was that we do not build things for the optics", the 39; AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in his keynote speech at the re: Invent, an annual conference for the global cloud computing community. "We spent the last part of 2017 and the first part of 2018 talking to customers about blockchain and what they wanted," he added.

AWS has launched Managed Blockchain, to create and manage scalable blockchain networks and Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), a fully managed accounting database with a central trusted authority. The managed Blockchain supports Ethereum (an open source platform to create and distribute decentralized applications) and Hyperledger Fabric (a Linux Foundation project for multiple blockchain technologies).

APAC, India is growing rapidly

"We are growing very rapidly in China, India, the Middle East, Singapore and Australia, and businesses in these countries are in the early stages of cloud technology adoption and are 36 months behind in realizing the potential," he said.

AWS has also launched its own infrastructure hardware, AWS Outposts, which will be available from 2019. AWS Outposts, a technical partnership with VMware, will allow users to access a consistent set of hardware, software and services.

The Seattle-based company also presented a number of cloud-based products such as Glacier Deep Archive, Amazon FSx for Windows file servers, Amazon FSx, AWS Control Tower, AWS Security Hub and AWS Lake Formation, among others.


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