AT & T uses IBM and Microsoft platforms to develop Blockchain solutions


AT & T technology giant has announced the development of various blockchain-based business solutions using IBM Blockchain Platform and Microsoft Azure.

In an effort to improve supply chain efficiency and help businesses reduce costs, mitigate risk and "streamline business processes", AT & T is implementing several blockchain-based enterprise solutions that use IBM technology and Microsoft.

According to a recent announcement on the AT & T website, his team can take advantage of two solutions for corporate customers. The first is IBM Blockchain Platform for use as "supply chain, origin and logistics". The second is Microsoft Azure, the open cloud platform that is compatible with various distributed master books, including Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric. AT & T believes that integration with this will help "bring additional transparency and accountability" to large and complex supply chains.

AT & T boasts that its new suite of solutions can be used to track the quality and movement of goods, ensure product authenticity and improve health data security.

"Blockchain is much more than just Bitcoin or cryptocurrency," said Andy Daudelin, Vice President, Alliances Business Development, AT & T Business. "It transforms the way many companies conduct business".

According to the announcement, all these solutions are currently available for companies.

AT & T, IBM and Microsoft have all been vying to take the blockchain initiative, and all three companies have made great strides in providing use cases for nascent technology. In August 2017, Microsoft announced its confidential consortium Framework, which is intended, in part, to accelerate blockchain systems and make them more secure. In March of this year, ETHNews reported that AT & T had collaborated with Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon to develop blockchain-based solutions for mobile account security. And last month, IBM announced its intention to allow human rights / technology company to use its blockchain platform for a "ledger to help people claim ownership rights over their data personal. "

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