AT & T introduces blockchain solutions to track and manage information


Telecommunications giant AT & T has introduced a range of blockchain solutions that will enable companies across the industry to manage information more effectively.

The announcement was made on its website.

Solutions include Microsoft and IBM technology that will benefit users in areas such as manufacturing, retailing and health care.

Combining its edge-edge capabilities with distributed ledger technology, it will provide monitoring and automation of a variety of business processes.

For example, manufacturing companies can track the movements of goods through factories and keep the quality of products throughout the process using technology.

Reduce waste

Retailers can reduce unwanted waste and inventory and ensure product authenticity, while healthcare organizations can use products to support the secure sharing of patient records and directories.

AT & T's consulting team designs and manages solutions using both IBM's DLT and Microsoft Azure platforms.

IBM Blockchain supports a number of industry uses, including logistics and supply chains.

Andy Daudelin, vice president of Business Development at AT & T's corporate alliances, explained: "Blockchain is much more than just bitcoin or cryptocurrency." It transforms the way many companies conduct business. "

"Blockchain improves security and allows better transaction management through complex processes.

He added: "Using our global network and IOT (Internet of Things) capabilities, AT & T enhances blockchain by providing edge-to-edge solutions that automate tracking and can even monitor environmental conditions throughout the process."

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