Astronomy lovers in the Arab world have an appointment with a wonderful celestial event at dawn on Saturday


Arab Time – Followers and fans of astronomical events in the Arab world will be on a date with the hours before sunrise on Saturday 15 August 2020, with a new astronomical event It is the occurrence of a crescent moon at the end of the month, apparently close to Venus on the eastern horizon, in a phenomenon easily visible to the naked eye.

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The Moon and Venus are in the order of the second and third brightest objects in a row after the Sun in the dome of the sky

Moon and Venus are arranged in order The second and third brightest objects in a row after the sun In the dome of the sky, they can also be seen after the sky becomes bright with the onset of morning light in a beautiful view.

The Jeddah Astronomical Society stated in a statement that when using binoculars, it is possible to scan the arched line that separates the illuminated part from the dark part of the moon, as this line represents a three-dimensional view of the topography of the lunar surface.

When you observe Venus through a telescope (not a telescope), its disk is illuminated 50.1% by sunlight at the moment, but due to the movement of the planet in its smaller orbit around the sun, over the next few months and when you observe it through the telescope, the size of its apparent disk will be smaller due to its distance from Earth, this will be accompanied by a gradual increase in pinch illumination until it is in the full moon phase in preparation for the beginning of its return to the evening sky at the end of March 2021.

What is Venus?

Venus is often known as the evening star when seen at the length of the evening, while it is known as the morning star from the width of the morning, and the ancients believed for a long time that the morning star and the evening star were two different bodies, so they called them (phosphorus) and (Hesperus), but Pythagoras realized 500 years before Christmas that Monday A body, and it is possible that Venus was the first planet known in this way due to its brightness and relative movement. quick.

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