Argo Blockchain of Crypto Mining Firm listed on the London Stock Exchange, earns $ 32 million


The mining company Argo Blockchain PLC was classified as the first cryptographic company to become part of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), raising about $ 32 million for a total valuation of about $ 61 million, The Telegraph reports the 3 August.

Argo offers customers the opportunity to extract four cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Zcash – through their computers or mobile devices at a monthly subscription fee. The service provides immediate access to the company's mining platforms and allows direct depositing of all coins extracted to users' digital portfolios.

According to a first admission document from the LSE, a total of 156,250,000 ordinary shares representing 53.2% of the share capital issued by the company was placed at 16 pence per share, valuing Argo with a market capitalization of 47 million pounds (about $ 61 million).

The report notes that the company raised £ 25 million (about $ 32 million), with registered shareholders including Miton Capital, Henderson Global Investors and Jupiter Asset Management, writes the Telegraph.

Jonathan Bixby, a co-founder of Argo, told The Telegraph that the Argo mining subscriptions system was developed to "endure the pain and distressed by participating in the greatest technological innovation after the launch of the Internet."

Founded at the end of 2017, Argo aims to build an internship The business of data center management and n assistance for encryption as a service (MaaS), which would be available to anyone in the world, says the LSE document # 39; company.

The platform was launched on 11 June 2018 and all subscription packages are currently sold out, according to the Argo website. The initial admission of Argo notes that the company will be able to add and remove cryptocurrencies from its offers in the future.

At the start of this week, Canaan Creative, the world's second largest supplier of Bitcoin hardware (BTC) introduced the "first ever" BTC mining television with a processing power of 2.8 trillion hashes per second.

And on Monday, anonymous sources revealed that Bitmain's encryption hardware giant is planning to conduct an initial private (IPO) overseas offer "very soon", after earning about $ 1 billion in profit net in the first quarter of 2018.

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