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Are you looking for blockchain investments in 2019?

Blockchain investments in 2019

The blockchain technology currently grows with hundreds of applicable use cases and different applications. In addition, blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts look to the future for what this resilient technology has for them in 2019. Here we will examine the five most feasible blockchain-based investments you could get in 2019.

"I'll tell you how to get rich." Shut the doors. "Be scary when others are greedy." Be greedy when others are afraid. "- Warren Buffett

Blockchain money transfer application

The blockchain is here to solve real problems and provide less expensive, faster and more efficient solutions to existing problems. At global level there is still a problem of cross-border money transfers. The real problem is that existing solutions are too expensive and make microtransactions of funds impossible.

With a blockchain solution, transaction forwarding time can be reduced to a few seconds and the transaction cost is reduced by more than 100k percent. There are so many regulatory barriers to international financial transactions that prevent people without proper identification from conducting transactions.

However, these unnecessary restrictions can be compensated using blockchain technology. Imagine managing your blockchain-based international payment hub for smartphones. There is no doubt that the cross-border money transfer market is very huge and can hold thousands of players in each country.

To start in this line of business, create your platform starting small. Enable cross-border transfer between two countries and refine the platform over time. Fortunately, there are hundreds of scripts available to download free scripts and create your first financial application.

Blockchain money transfer application

Decentralized video sharing platform

Have you ever imagined how YouTube evolved to become a multi-billion dollar company sold to Google? Now you can create your version of YouTube. With rapid on-going tokenization on the web, transactions are simplified and now content creators can easily be paid.

With a YouTube as a video sharing platform, your main goal would be to bring as many people as possible into your platform. Moreover, with the right number of people constantly engaged in your platform, they start circulating advertisements. Big companies pay millions of dollars every year to advertise their brands that many people can access.

2019 is right at the right time to start earning even a small percentage of this money. The advantage of a blockchain-based video sharing platform is based on existing technology: that chain has cheaper infrastructures than other server technologies.

Decentralized video sharing

Exchange of decentralized digital assets

One of the most effective ways to accumulate tons of money is to create a decentralized digital currency exchange platform. Unlike centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges do not require any central server. You do not need to create a data center, you do not need to hire expensive IT specialists to run the data center.

Distributed exchanges are performed completely by customer browsers and are secure because tokens are exchanged directly between customer portfolios. With decentralized exchanges, nothing is stored on your servers. Earning from this business comes from the small transaction fees you should charge for each transaction that passes through your exchange.

Basically, you can earn thousands of dollars every day depending on how many customers you have entered in your exchange. Also, to build your first decentralized exchange you can write the codes from scratch. There is already a ready-to-purchase script that you can buy online and run your business as soon as possible.

Exchange of decentralized digital assets

Crowdfunding platform powered by blockchain

For a long time in the history of the Internet, crowdsourcing has been a vital means to raise funds for startup companies. With crowdfunding, startups can raise funds without mixing much equity. Companies that raise funds through crowdfunding allow customers to pre-order their products before the product actually reaches the market.

Unlike normal crowdfunding platforms, decentralized crowdfunding platforms are transparent and clearly track the movements of funds on the platform. Furthermore, transparency offers investors confidence in the platform.

The gains from this business stem from accusations that startup companies pay for their fundraising campaigns. The additional revenue stream also comes from the ads on the website.

Decentralized e-commerce market

Decentralized e-commerce market

Purchase and sale of goods and main root of trade. To date this root continues. The decentralized e-commerce market is a platform where people can buy goods they are looking for. The market can attract customers within the country or internationally as in the case of Amazon.com or Alibaba.

The decentralized market allows customers to interact with each other without ever requiring a third party. In addition, payment can be made via a native token specialized on the platform. Revenue from this platform can derive from the deposit fees to guarantee that the platform charges.

There is no doubt that blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay despite the current market turbulence. To ensure long-term gains from blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is essential to build a platform that solves a problem in the real world.

Consider the options mentioned above as possible projects with which you could start. We would like to remind you that to become a blockchain investor you do not need a degree in computer science, but an appropriate financial management label. Also, use your scarce resources wisely and start your business small, then grow it all the way.

If you know other great investment opportunities in the blockchain technology, do not hesitate to share it here in the comments section below.

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Are you looking for blockchain investments in 2019?

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Are you looking for blockchain investments in 2019?


Fans of blockchain and cryptocurrency look to the future to make investments in 2019. Today we present the five most feasible blockchain investments to enter in 2019.



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