Aragon Project (ANT Token) dApp Officially Go Live on Ethereum Mainnet


Aragon Project (ANT Token) dApp Officially Go Live on Ethereum Mainnet

The open source project, Aragon, which is under the Aragon Foundation, went live on the mainnet after the O.6 update. The project is running on aragonOS V 4. The company revealed it in a blog post on October 30, 2018.

Aragon 0.6

This update was made immediately after the company released Aragon 0.5 seven months ago. Aragon is a decentralized autonomous organization that offers a neutral jurisdiction to those who wish to create their own organization using blockchain technology.

Since Aragon 0.5 was released in 2017, more than 2,500 organizations have been created. In all versions of Aragon, over 15,000 organizations have been created. Despite the numerous organizations created, all were still on the testnet. Thus, they did not use the real world.

Aragon 0.6 or Alba will allow organizations to be established on the main Ethereum network. This new update will allow you to create a new generation of organizations.

Details of the update

According to the blog post made by the company, the framework that powers all organizations on Aragon; aragonOS is now in V4. Smart contracts have been audited several times and will be launched soon.

In the last six months, organizations have been on the mainnet and DAppNode has been upgraded by aragonPM at that time, which is a DAO. While the tests reveal that there are no big bugs in the system, the company will run a bounty bug on the mainnet. This will help eliminate any unexpected risks.

The practical implication for users is that the company has updated its constituent elements. For example, elements such as voting, finance, token managers and many others have received fine tuning to ensure that the user experience is greatly improved.

The most important update

A significant part of the updates are the permissions. Aragon has decided to add permissions as they are a powerful tool for personalization. They allow you to control who can access various organization resources and how they can use them. With permissions, you can implement a unique governance process for each organization.

The voting system has also been revised. Now it's a card-based interface, which allows users to see all the votes with a single click. This should encourage greater involvement in the community, according to the company.


The company states that aragonOS 4 is the most stable and secure method for developing smart contracts. However, it is worth noting that it has not been tested. Hackers can take advantage of a flaw that has failed to steal funds. So, Aragon warned people not to put huge amounts of money into Aragon 6.0.

They are encouraging people to wait for the bounty program to produce results. In this way, they can confirm that there is no risk for anyone. However, they have done extensive audits and are sure there are no bugs. If it becomes necessary, you can deposit huge amounts of money and hope that there are no losses.

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