Aragon launches on Ethereum Mainnet: Killer Application of DAOs


Aragon version 0.6 is now available on Ethereum mainnet and the release arrives seven months after the company announced version 0.5 of Aragon.

The output is considered a milestone for Aragon, a blockchain startup that managed to raise 25 million euros in less than 1.5 minutes during their ICO.

Aragon is a tool that allows entrepreneurs, blockchain communities and developers to create and manage DAOs. However, unlike previous Ethereum tools, Aragon's open source tools are more advanced and enable the management of more robust organizations.

More information on the Aragon DAOs

The idea of ​​DAOs is to create autonomous organizations without any form of hierarchical management by executing hard coded rules on blockchain platforms. To this end, a DAO is simply a complex set of smart contracts in which the governance and governance rules of the organization tokens are incorporated into the smart contract. Autonomous organizations are virtual, efficient but still allow human collaboration while controlling the control of legal systems. All transactions are performed on the underlying blockchain via smart contracts.

With the launch of Aragon 0.6, Alba, the most robust DAOs can be created on the Ethereum network with minimal effort. Several Aragon organizations, such as the company's Survey App and DAppNode, have been running the Ethereum network for the past six months without security or technical problems.

The advantages of Aragon DAO

This launch on mainnet inaugurates a period of enhanced human collaboration where entrepreneurs get access to more features and interact with the ecosystem with an improved user interface. In addition to the features, Aragon organizations allow seamless collaboration among investors, as venture capital companies or community members who connect to Aragon organizations have a common user interface to cooperate.

Developers wishing to create governable applications can quickly use Aragon's tested authorizations and proxy settings through AragonOS, which provides a robust API for Aragon's DAO integration. To avoid security errors, AragonOS has been checked and is currently in version 4.

Aragon combines all the capabilities of a traditional company, including voting, governance, administration and even identity. For full functionality, Aragon consists of a card-based voting system for collaboration, a token manager that allows ownership and ownership of the organization and a transparent funding option that allows at the DAOs of Aragon to own resources. Apart from the updated user interface, the authorizations infuse dynamism and allow the creation of customizable organizations.

Momentum is taking hold and the Space Decentral, a decentralized platform to design and finance next-generation space initiatives while connecting scientists, astronauts and engineers, is using Aragon.

ICO and set of successful users

After a successful ICO in July 2017, when they sold 70% of all their ANT tokens, Luis Cuende believes that three main users will start using Aragon:

The first people who will interact with Aragon are the blockchain projects that will use the platform to govern their products, we already have many in line, waiting to start using them.

The second wave of users will be open source projects, where people can contribute to open-source projects and pay / reward with project tokens to achieve governance on the product under construction. Up until now, the monetization of open-source has been tough, we hope to change it.

The third wave will be distributed companies that can for example easily pay their employees in the token of Ethereum.

Even when companies start creating DAOs, the Aragon Foundation encourages users not to store large amounts of funds for security reasons. A bug bug program is underway.

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