Aragon goes live on Ethereum Mainnet


31 October 2018 22:59

Aragon organizations no longer have to reside on the testnet.

Aragon, the Ethereum Dapp to structure organizations, companies and communities, already has 15,000 users, but until now has operated on the Ethereum testnet.

Following an announcement by Aragon yesterday, the "human collaboration" Dapp is now available to users to create organizations live on Ethereum Mainnet. As announced: "Today, decentralized organizations become real".

The 0.6 version of Aragon, entitled "Alba," announces a "new era for human collaboration", says Aragon. With the application, users can create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for your community or company and then use it to discuss issues and vote for organizational decisions.

The DAO concept can be applied to any type of organization to promote effective governance or provide organizational transparency. Via Aragon 0.6, modules can be added to the interface of an organization in the platform, enabling activities such as raising funds through token generation. Aragon includes the main areas of organizational structure, administration and jurisdiction, including accounting, governance and identity.

There are three main components of the Dapp. The first is to vote. v0.6 boasts an updated voting interface. For example, a vote may authorize the withdrawal of funds for a project, so funds and funds can be managed transparently with the "Finance" option. Finally, the "Token Manager" segment allows the membership and ownership of the organization ". Although Aragon is entirely dedicated to decentralization, the application has been updated to include authorizations. Now, only determined, allowed, people within an organization, for example, can perform votes involving tokens.

Although the application has been verified, Aragon says it is not recommended to store large amounts of funds yet. The project is currently running a bug-bug and is conducting further audits.

The Aragon team is an active part of the Ethereum community and participates in Ethereum conversations and governance groups.

Token voting is suggested as a way to contribute to decisions based on the Ethereum community. Although it remains to be seen whether the Ethereum community will move in mass to use Dapp, its mainnet version means that projects have an effective way to manage currency voting and governance in the real world.

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