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Germany ranked first in the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020, while Korea ranked second and Singapore ranked third..

South Korea tops the list of the world’s most innovative countries for the past six years, until Germany overthrew it this year. According to Bloomberg News, one reason South Korea has lost the throne in innovation is its relative slowdown in productivity..

The Bloomberg Innovation Index was launched eight years ago to include 60 centers and is based on measuring rates of R&D spending, manufacturing capacity, the concentration of advanced technology in state-owned companies, and its economy’s ability to innovate..

ING Germany’s chief analyst Carsten Brzezsky believes Germany’s performance on such indicators “is still strong and much better than recent economic weakness might indicate,” as he described it..

However, Brzieski felt that there are several reasons why Germany should not be complacent with its ranking, as about a third of Germany’s R&D spending is devoted to the automotive industry, meaning that “any imbalance or weakness in the long term in this sector it can weigh on the strength of innovation “. .

And Singapore moved up to third this year from sixth last year due to its higher productivity, then Switzerland came in fourth, followed by Sweden in fifth and Israel in sixth..

While the United States fell to ninth from previous years, China, which has the second largest economy in the world, climbed to fifteenth, but came second in the patent business category, and was ranked among the big five in the category of higher education efficiency..

As for the Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates obtained the best ranking among the Arabs, ranking in forty-fourth, to get to Tunisia in fifty-second place, then to Saudi Arabia in fifty-third place and Qatar in fifty-fifth place..

Both Algeria and Egypt managed to enter the latter for the first time in their history: Algeria was ranked 49th, while Egypt took the 58th place..



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