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(1) US shares rebounded last Friday, but Alibaba’s US shares (BABA, 09988) still fell relative to the market, reflecting that the market is still cautious on Alibaba. The investment community has generally used Alibaba’s US custody bank ADS Citi, holdings in Hong Kong to wait and see the dynamics of major foreign investors and check the data. Citigroup’s Alibaba holdings in Hong Kong stocks fell to 2.811 billion shares or 12.99%.

The key points of the market opening at 9:30 am:

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Alibaba’s record decline in a week, the mysterious big company started selling goods?

(2) At a time when Alibaba’s share price is weak, founder Jack Ma’s friend Qian Fenglei is said to have been cut off over the weekend at the Wanchai Harbor Road Convention and Exhibition Dynasty. When Alibaba went public in the US in 2014, Qian Fenglei had already attended Alibaba’s listing ceremony on the New York Stock Exchange. According to the circulated images, Qian Fenglei wore a T-shirt printed with Tao dolls and took a photo with Ma Yun.

[Friends of Ma Yun]Dynasty will be attacked by “A Lot of Money” tycoon Qian Fenglei turns out to be closely related to Ma Yun

(3) Alibaba’s fellow Ant Group listing has hit a rock and the focus of new stocks is on JD Health, which was a spin-off of JD.com (09618). JD Liu Qiangdong chairman and chief executive is currently the chairman of JD Health, but at the same time the market value of listed companies has increased, but Liu Qiangdong and his wife Zhang Zetian (known to netizens as “tea sister to milk “for their sheer image) have failed in their luxury real estate investment. More than ten million yuan.

[Nuova quotazione in borsa]List of JD Health relays, Liu Qiangdong and his wife lost tens of millions in their investment in a luxury home?

(4) The HSI has been further reformed and the number of constituent stocks will increase from 50 to 52. This is the first time that the HSI has increased the number of constituent stocks since 2012. The investment community believes that more and more of new economy and growth stocks are able to join the HSI and Hong Kong stock valuations are expected to benefit.

[Revisione trimestrale HSI]Meituan Anta Budweiser joins HSI blue chip, will it go up?

(5) Blue chip stocks are changing! The Hang Seng Index announced its quarterly inspection results after the market closed last Friday. The tech company Meituan (03690) has finally managed to “die blue”. Additionally, Budweiser (01876) and Anta (02020) will also become emerging blue chips; as regards consolidated blue chip shares, Taikoo (00019) will be rejected and will dispose of blue chip status.

[Revisione trimestrale HSI]Blue chips rise to 52! Eventually Meituan turns blue, Budweiser and Anta become new

(6) US President Trump signed an executive order last week to ban US citizens or companies from investing in 31 Chinese companies allegedly related to the military. How many of these companies are listed in Hong Kong?

Trump banned US investment in 31 Chinese companies How many local listed companies are affected?

(7) New electric vehicles such as Weilai Automobile (US: NIO) and Xiaopeng (USA: XPEV), listed in the United States, have recently exploded. However, short-selling agency Citron Research released a report last week. Weilai’s current share price is too high and its reasonable price should be $ 25. Let’s take a look at the news, if BYD (01211), which also has an electric car concept and is listed in Hong Kong, will be interested.

[Focus sulle azioni USA]Weilai was downplayed by short sellers saying its reasonable value was only $ 25, which was almost half below the current price.

(8) The Hong Kong government today launched (16) the “Travel with peace of mind” mobile application to record the travel records of citizens.


(9) Liu Guangyi, capo esperto e direttore 6G di China Mobile (00941), ha descritto che la tecnologia 6G può realizzare l’interazione esperienziale tra esseri umani, macchine e cose attraverso dispositivi indossabili. Le informazioni sensoriali realizzeranno l’interconnessione sinestetica di rete e possono anche ottenere una super Può traffico ecc.

[6G]China Mobile: Is 2030 expected to be a world of “digital human body” after a decade of large-scale commercial use of 6G?

The Hong Kong stock market opened at 9:30 am. During the reworking of the forced car, this website listed news to watch out for before the market opened at 9am to bring out some room for investment reflection. The “Open at 9:30” column was filled in and submitted today.

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Journalist: Mo Yixi

Column name: The market opens at 9:30

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