Anycoin Direct adds a new coin-operated cryptanalute trading function


Anycoin Direct has added coin trading

With this exchange of coins, users of Anycoin Direct will be able to exchange cryptographic coins without going through the fiat. Any user can use this tool to act efficiently on market fluctuations. With this feature, if you have Ripple and you want to get an Ethereum, you can do it directly using the platform.

Use of Coin-to-Coin trading

For example, you might have an XRP but at the moment you need NEO. To acquire NEO simply visit the commercial section of this platform and choose the coins you want to exchange. You will also need to enter the amount of NEO you would like to have.

The site will do its calculations on the amount of XRP you need to get the NEO. These are calculations based on the current market prices of XRP and NEO. To confirm the order, you must enter a wallet address compatible with NEO.

To complete the order, simply send XRP to the address indicated by Anycoin Direct. The XRP will then be confirmed shortly thereafter and the NEO will be placed in the address of your portfolio. If you need further assistance, the company has live support to help you complete the transaction.

Benefits for customers

Anycoin Direct It is among the first worldwide to offer this feature to its customers. They believe that customers will get benefits like:

• Efficient and fast transactions

• It is not necessary to acquire a credit card

• Better security

• Customers do not have to register in a bag

Because customers will not visit an exchange, they will retain full control over encryption and their private keys. Beyond that, most of the coins on the platform are compatible with the hardware portfolios. This makes the coin2coin function quite safe.

Explanation of the advantages

Easy to use

On this platform, you can buy BTC with an instant local payment method. The platform has a firm belief that anyone should be able to access Crypto. To achieve this belief, they have created a simple and direct system. They have spent countless hours and efforts to ensure that they create something that is easy for everyone to use. The platform has an e-mail, live chat, tickets and telephone communications to allow customers to contact them. Customer input is used to make the platform even better.


Once the payment has been confirmed, the coins are automatically sent to the address you provide for most payment methods. Sales orders are processed in an instant and the payment arrives in the bank account within two business days or less.


This platform is proud of its ability to offer an easy and accessible platform for the purchase of BTC without compromising security. They use the latest security technology to achieve these goals. They have various mechanisms that ensure only correct and confirmed transactions.

Recent developments

The platform focused mainly on adding new crypto to the platform. With the implementation of the Coin2Coin feature, will make their platform even faster. Their specialists are always looking for the next innovation.

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