Another game Ethereum (ETH) joined the TRON network (TRX)


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EtherGoo, An inactive competitive blockchain game, made the decision to move to TRON (TRX) from Ethereum (ETH), following a growing trend fueled by TRON's new focus on games.

According to ad, EtherGoo will now be known as TronGoo. The game is focused on the acquisition of Goo, both through production and through the theft of opposing players.

Once earned, Goo can be used to purchase two types of units, production and barracks. Production troops increase daily production of goo while barracks units are used for attack and defense.

The more Goo a player produces or earns, the more money the real world can earn. Players receive TRX based on their global goo production percentage, as well as depositing Goo in the Goo deposit box.


"The TRON network and the TRON Arcade the fund will always welcome developers with open arms. We are confident that working together will enable our technology and our communities to nurture the next wave of innovation and adoption, "said TRON in his announcement.

The TronGoo migration reproduces many other important Ethereum games that have joined the TRON network in recent weeks, including Bitizens, an avatar game based on 3D blockchain, e Cutchain Cuties, a leading collector game.

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