Analysis of the price of Ethereum (ETH) – 22 August


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Ethereum Trend Price Medium-Term:

Supply Zones: $ 400, $ 450, $ 500

Application Zones: $ 150, $ 100, $ 50

The ETH continues to vary in the medium-term prospects. The bearish pressure managed to bring down the cryptocurrency to a minimum of $ 274.31 in the demand area while the market met yesterday. The bulls have staged a return to the formation of a bullish pin and the price has risen by $ 282.00 in the supply area.

The 4-hour spark plug at $ 281.20 was bullish, pushing ETH to $ 299.65 in the supply area within the segment since the EMA at 50 days was a point of resistance towards further movements towards the top.

The stochastic oscillator is at 41% and its signal indicates that there may be a slight upward trend in the interval.

The cryptocurrency remains in the range and trades between $ 310.00 in the upper supply area and $ 260.00 in the lower demand area of ​​the segment. Patience should be exercised for a breakout or a failure to occur before taking a position.

Short-term trend in the price of Ethereum:

 Ethereum, ETHUSD, Criptovalute, chart Chart of Ethereum of TradingView

ETH enters the short-term scope. The bullish pressure of $ 271.31 in the demand area after a bullish pinbar formation pushed the price up to $ 299.15 in the supply area before losing momentum.

The stochastic oscillator is a and signals the points downward that imply bear pressure within the interval.

ETH is in consolidation and trades between $ 295.55 in the upper supply area and $ 269.35 in the lower demand area of ​​the segment. Patience will be a good strategy to adopt because the coin ranges will allow a breakout or a collapse before taking a position.

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