Analysis of long-term prices of Ethereum (ETH)


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Ethereum (ETH) Long-term price analysis

ethereum-et-long-term-price- analysis -9

  • Last week the price of Ethereum decreased significantly compared to the US dollar.
  • We can now see the cryptocurrency range between $ 250 and its minimum near $ 170.

Long-term trend of ETHUSD – Bullish

Distribution territories: $ 400, $ 450, $ 500 [19659008] Accumulation territories: $ 150, $ 100, $ 50.

Last week, the price of Ethereum dropped significantly against the US dollar. On 9 September, the cryptocurrency continued to form several lower lows, until September 12, touching a new annual minimum of $ 167.

 Ethereum, ETHUSD, Cryptocompare chart Ethereum Chart by TradingView

On September 13, the cryptocurrency suddenly saw its price rise dramatically, giving it the strength to briefly push its 14-day SMA. Its price is now on average around $ 250, around the 14-day SMA. There is still a significant gap between the SMA of 14 and 50 days.

Stochastic Oscillators have traversed the overbought zone to move beyond the range of 20. Now they point north to suggest a movement towards the top. There may now be a chance to see the cryptocurring fluctuations move between the $ 250 territory and its last lowest price of $ 167 in the next trading days.

We could see a bullish markus if the crypt convincingly exceeds $ 250 or sees a strong turnaround. Traders can wait for better actions to enter the market.

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