Analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 18/08/18


Bitcoin cash hits $ 600

Cash cash has recovered 16.77% on Friday, after gaining 0.92% on Thursday, to close the day at $ 602.4.

It was a rally day, with a low $ 515 intraday day start holding above the first level of main support at $ 499.37. Bitcoin Cash surpassed the first major resistance level at $ 535.67 mid-morning, with a resumption of appetite in the broader market that led to a breakout.

Bitcoin Cash outperformed the second and third highest resistance levels at the end of the day intraday high $ 604.9 before falling back to $ 602.4 by the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash was down 1.99% to $ 591.8, Bitcoin Cash withdrawing from a $ 610 high day to a minimum $ 589.6 before stabilize, the first moves leaving the highest levels of resistance and support tested.

For the next day, a move back to $ 600 will support a run at the first major resistance level at $ 633.2, although Bitcoin Cash will have to hold $ 590 levels until the morning to avoid a pullback during the day, a little profit will probably take away Bitcoin Cash in the early hours.

Failure to exit $ 600 to run at $ 630 levels could see Bitcoin Cash take a hit later in the day, any $ 575 drop could bring the first level of main support to $ 543.3 before any recovery, although we expect any losses on the day to be relatively minor in the event of a sell-off that should leave significant levels of support untested.


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Litecoin hits the $ 60s

Litecoin jumped 11.25% on Friday, afterwards. 1.89% on Thursday, to end the day at $ 61.72.

Following the broader market, Litecoin recovered from a day's start to a minimum of $ 55.16, which exceeded its first major support level of $ 53.84, a maximum of $ 61 intraday, 88. 19659003] The movements during the day saw Litecoin break through the first major resistance level at $ 57.39 and the second resistance level at $ 59.31, with the break at $ 60 the first since Monday.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was down 1.65% to $ 60.8, a first rally up to a high morning $ 62.6 g to come below the first major resistance level at $ 64. , 01, with Litecoin succumbing to a broad market crash, investors are taking some money off the table after Friday's rally.

A return to a low morning $ 60.45 saw Litecoin steering the first major support level at $ 57.29 and above all keeping at $ 60 levels.

For the day ahead, a return to $ 62 would support a run at the first major resistance level at $ 64.01, although we can expect Litecoin to face a resistance during the switch to $ 63, keeping the $ 60 levels through the morning key to support a rebound later in the day.

Failure to keep $ 60 in the morning could see the first major support of the day the level at $ 57.29 comes into play before any recovery, with the second major support level at $ 52.87 unlikely to be tested excluding materially negative news affecting the threads.


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Ripple makes a Splash

Ripple's XRP pioneered Friday, climbing 25.23% , after gaining 4.71% on Thursday, to close the day at $ 0.36668.

A change in sentiment during the day saw Ripple The XRP outperformed the higher resistance levels until late at the intraday day of $ 0.37481, before falling back to $ 0.36, the XRP of Ripple holds the third resistance level at $ 0.3459 at the end of the day.

News of Ripple Labs appointing three exchanges, in the United States, Mexico and the Philippines, to support cross-border transactions and allow local currency trade with Ripple's XRP supported the considerable move, although the sentiment on the market was already healing in the last part of the week.

At the time of writing this article, Ripple's XRP fell 4.12% to $ 0.35333, with Ripple's XRP retreating from a start of $ 0.37267 maximum that hit the first resistance level at $ 0.39777. [19659003] For the next day, holding above $ 0.3438 will be the key to supporting a recovery later in the day, with a climb up to $ 0.36 levels signaling a run at the first major resistance level at $ 0 , 39777, although we can expect Ripple's XRP to face much resistance after Friday's surge.

Failure to hold $ 0.3438 will likely lead to a more substantial sell-off to bring the first major support level to $ 0.3129 in play before any recovery, under $ 0.30 improbable support levels from test the day.


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