Analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 11/09/18


Bitcoin Cash Sees Bulls Fighting

Bitcoin Cash fell 2.25% on Monday, reversing the 1.65% rise on Sunday, ending the day at $ 468.6 .

A blurry start to the day saw Bitcoin Cash pass at a high early morning intraday high $ 488.7 before hitting the reverse, Bitcoin Cash slides through the day's first major support level at $ 464, 67 at the end of the day intraday low and new swing $ 457.7 before a partial recovery at $ 460 levels.

the day reaffirmed the extended downward trend at the beginning of the May Swing at $ 1,849.9

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash rose 0.84% ​​to $ 470 , 6, with Bitcoin Cash passing from a minimum of $ 465.3 to an early morning high $ 477.3 before going down again, the main levels of support and resistance of the day have not been tested before.

For the next day, a return move of $ 477.3 would have held another run at $ 480 levels to bring the leading first resistance level of the day to $ 485 .63 in play, albeit with a similar trend formed at the start of Monday, some caution could block any material hike of the day.

Failure to climb the morning high could see the Bitcoin Cash hit later in the day, with a $ 470 fall in the morning low of $ 465.3 bringing the levels below $ 460 and the first major level of support in the day. day at $ 454.63 in play before any recovery. The second major daily support level at $ 440.67 is unlikely to be tested excluding materially negative news affecting the wires.


Litecoin Consolidates

Litecoin fell 0.71% on Monday, partially reversing the 3.2 on Sunday Gaining%, to end the day at $ 54.4.

Following the broader market, Litecoin switched to an intraday first day of $ 56.49 before becoming a victim of a large sell-off market, the peak of the day coming in from the first resistance level of $ 57.04 .

A crash during the day saw Litecoin drop to a late afternoon low intraday of $ 53.05, holding above the first major support level of the day at $ 52.47 to support a recovery at the end of the day to reduce the deficit. [19659003] At the time of writing, Litecoin fell 0.42% to $ 54.07, with Litecoin switching to an early morning intraday high at $ 54.81 before slipping back to a minimum of $ 53.79, the morning moves that leave the greatest support and resistance levels of the day

For the next day, a return move until the morning and hold $ 54.65 will support another run at $ 55 levels to bring into play the first major resistance level of the day at $ 56.24, although sentiment in the broader market will have to materially improve for Litecoin to put an end to the downtrend on daily highs to sustain a return to $ 56.49 on Monday.

Failure to go back in the morning could see Litecoin take a big hit later in the day, with a $ 53 level pullback bringing in the game the first major level of support of the day at $ 52.8, a $ 54 level deduction until the morning needed to avoid a more material sale during the day.

<img src = "" data-zoom-target = "" alt = "{alt } [19659009] Ripple Down Again

Ripple's XRP fell 2.14% on Monday, after gaining 0.13% on Sunday, to close the day at $ 0.27048.

A first move towards a high intraday of $ 0.28245 saw Ripple's XRP miss the day's first big resistan market level at $ 0.2885, with ample encryption that runs out during the day leading to a low intraday drop of $ 0.26. Ripple's XRP exceeded its first major daily support level of $ 0.2683 to request assistance at the second highest level of daily support at $ 0.2594 before being able to recover at $ 0.27 at the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was inactive 0.1% to $ 0.26948, with ; XRP of Ripple passing from a start of $ 0.2681 to an early morning maximum $ 0.275 before the inversion, the main support and resistance levels of the day were not tested in the early hours.

For the next day, a move returning in the morning $ 0.275 high would bring $ 0.28 levels and the first main resistance level of the day to $ 0.2820 in play, while Ripple's XRP will likely challenge run at $ 0.29 levels, with regulatory nervousness continuing to weigh.

Bankruptcy with $ 0.27% at the highest of the morning could see Ripple's XRP pick up a hit later in the day, with a downward trend on daily lows to support a possible reversal to levels below $ 0.26 to bring the first m a day to a greater support level of $ 0.2595 in play before any recovery, a slide to levels below $ 0.25 unlikely to exclude materially negative news affecting the wires.

We expect investors to become a bit edgy at the meeting of EU finance ministers. [19659003]   {alt}

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